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Ever heard this before?  Have you read them?  Used them in evangelizing? Your comment in using these books vs using the 'toned' down summarized versions encouraged nowadays?

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I met an old man, SDA Pastor, 80yrs + earlier in this week and his comment was.... not so welcoming re: the book When God said Remember by Pastor Doug.  One of the books that has been classified as part of the above series is The Great Controversy.  The older Pastor sees a significantly watered down version of the original in Pastor Doug's booklet. Do you share this view and are we taking a risk spreading thousands of these books with non SDAs?  God bless

I personally don't read the redone versions, I see no point. And I don't think we should be using those versions to reach non SDA's because Ellen White said they were not for them. 

you should have seen the old man's face Ezra. I share your position and as such worry that this approach may even discourage members from purchasing the real set of books.

The other book that is part of this series is the Desire of Ages.  Have you read the original and what would you say to our youth to motivate them to read this very book as most seem tied down only to 'Steps to Christ'? God bless.

Even as a young person, I found the Desire of Ages much more appealing than Steps to Christ.  Maybe because of where I was in my walk with Jesus or because I like to read.  I do have the book The Messiah that is a modern version of Desire of Ages but not a smaller, less detailed book.

Hi Dorothy, now that you are no longer young ... you still happier with the Desire of Ages? I am sure you have read Steps to Christ too and certain we are not down playing one against the other.  God bless you as you read my sister...

I understand that Prophets and Kings is another of the books that are part of this series.  You read this one? your thoughts?  Am not aware of a modern version of this one.

There are kid versions of the whole series..

o yes

i used to sell those books!


i pushed DESIRE OF AGES cause it made me fall in love with JESUS

but it was the GREAT CONTROVERSY  that made my heart yell out to GOD TO SAVE ME


Alright MFG.  Would you 'must' the youth to read these books in their Christian walk? xcuse the line

ha ha ha,i love that,the great controversy that book is a classic,but it has that power of totally changing ones life to Christ i read like everyday...



They are actually called: "The Conflict of the Ages" series.  In these books is traced the history of the conflict between Christ and Satan from before the earth was created down to when it will be recreated. 

Yes, I have sold many of these books as a Literature Evangelist, as well as the Bedtime Stories and The Bible Stories by H. M. S. Maxwell.  Also, I have been privileged to be friends with two of his sons, Malcom and C. Mervyn Maxwell.  They were both fine men. 


This set of books, which includes: "Patriarchs and Prophets," "Prophets and Kings," "The Desire of Ages," "The Acts of the Apostles," and "The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan," later shortened to just: "The Great Controversy."  Ellen White was given this information in one vision which, if memory serves me right, lasted about 2 1/2 hours.  It took her several years to write it all out and an angel stood by her side and reminded her of the things she had seen in the vision.  It is a wonderful set of books.


Maranatha :)


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