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Ever heard this before?  Have you read them?  Used them in evangelizing? Your comment in using these books vs using the 'toned' down summarized versions encouraged nowadays?

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@ Ray,  thanks for the correct name there.  Am sure I forgot .... as the old man (pastor) would have told me the correct one.  Yes, am challenged even now to go through these books again and again...and to make sure my kids  are exposed to same.  When I grew up, they were at home including The Bible Stories by HMS Maxwell. God bless.

Amen, Ray..

what i can say about the two books is that,the Desire of Ages from the tittle itself shows that there is something unique about the book,have ever tried to give a non believer this so that they may read,the next time he or she comes to you they won't be the same again the same goes with the Great Controversy which is very mind blowing ,actually this book puts us on toes everyday its contents has power,i must say that Ellen G White was truly being inspired by the Holy spirit,these books have changed the lives of many Christians around the world and am very confident that it is not only Adventists but also other denominations have benefited from these books...

It is essential that we as ministers of Jesus Christ should have at least one of these books in our homes,why,for the development of our children,so that they may grow knowing the truth and the truth alone...AMEN....thank Mrs White for these classics...

Hi Samuel,  thanks for your motivation brother.  You remind me of an account I heard recently, where some Pastors from other denominations are known to be making use of EGW books in their churches...and loving it. live long.



When I was at Walla Walla College/University, one class I was taking involved doing surveys.  I was assigned to survey some of the pastors in the area.  After the survey, this one pastor offered me a book that he had just found. and read.  After reading it, he had purchased enough books to give to each member in his church.  The church loved it.  When he handed it to me, I returned it to him.  It was Steps to Christ.  I told him that I already had several copies of that book in my own library, but thanks anyhow. 

Her books can stand on their own merit.  We do not need to appologizes one second for her counsel.  God has indeed given the church a treasure beyound measure.


Maranatha :)

Yes sir Ray. ... I pray we (SDA) take this journey seriously everyday.  ...that we read the Bible as God has said and that we make use of SOP as God has advised.  All this in faith and by faith....

The newer books have been edited too death and are missing half the content.. The only publisher i find reliable any more is the E.G. White estate, and they only do PDF and kindle versions..

@ Kristina,  you worry me on that one.  Fulfillment of prophecy in the making I guess.  The devil will stop at nothing to derail us (even the very elect the Bible says..).

Yes and sadly this is one of the means... In the free copies that we give out at church she is so overly edited that she can easily be taken out of context on many points.. That's why I always tell everyone too make sure and keep any copies their grandparents may have from the 50's because those and older copies are about the only ones that can be trusted any more that are available in print..

Sad indeed Kristina.  ... the 50's.... am looking for Christ in Song very seriously.


Yes madam 'Christ in Song'.  Very old hymn book I believe we used to have in the SDA church.  We had one at home and I misplaced it (sad).


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