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Ever heard this before?  Have you read them?  Used them in evangelizing? Your comment in using these books vs using the 'toned' down summarized versions encouraged nowadays?

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Yes, this is true.  I have a copy just inches from me as I type.  It is indeed a fine hymnal.

 You might check with this company.

Leaves of Autumn

Payson, AZ

I'm sure you can find the complete address on line.

Maranatha :)

Thanks Ray.  Is it this one????

  • Christ in Song for All Religious Services by Various
  • Bookseller: George Isbell US (US)
  • Bookseller Inventory #: 005890
  • Title: Christ in Song for All Religious Services
  • Author: Various
  • Format/binding: Hardcover
  • Book condition: Very Good
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Publisher: F. E. Belden
  • Date published: 1111

God bless.



Here is how my title page reads.


(Revised and Enlarged)

For All Religious Services


Nearly One Thousand BEST GOSPEL HYMNS, NEW and OLD

With Responsive Scripture Readings.

The Largest Gospel Son and Standard Tune Collection.

Compiled and Published by F. E. Beldon.




Sold by
Review and Herald Publishing Assn., Washington, D.C.

Copyrighted 1906 by F. E. Beldon.  Entered at Stationary Hall, London, Eng.


Other ones may have slightly different information, I am not an expert in this area.  All I know is what is in my copy.


Maranatha :)





The reason the elect will not be deceived is becasue they will not do anything on their own, or anyone elses initiative, but they only do what God tells them to do.  That is the ONLY defense against being deceived.


Maranatha :)

Two things:  To answer Scobs question about the Desire of Ages and Steps to Christ, yes I have read both and still prefer the Desire of Ages even if it is much longer.  Just gives such a picture of Christ that makes you want to draw near Him.


Several years ago, I corresponded briefly with someone who was trying to translate and distribute the Great Controversy and other books in the area of the Pacfic.  Can't remember his name but he was advocating using the originals from the early 1900s.  Does anyone have more info on whether these books have been changed or edited enough that we should try to go back to the early versions?  They are available through many small publishers as an  alternative to the newer versions.  The set I have now was given to high school graduates back in the 1970s by our local church.  Not sure how much is different in those versions versus earlier versions.  Or if they have made more changes since then.  Not talking about the modern paraphases like Messiah but the regular Conflict of the Ages series.


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