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why are there so many Christian psychos bashing gay people and publicly humiliating them??and it's annoying...first thing you need to know if you're a Christian... "God Is Love" God loves everybody,God doesn't reject anyone,no matter who you if God can love everyone,then why can't we,you,etc...? I think those people are just using the Christianity thing as a cover-up to do hateful things to anyone...get a life people!!! and I'm not trying to be arrogant,I'm just telling how I feel bcoz I have gay friends.and they're some of the nicest people I've ever met

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Pardon me for not noticing a certain phrase someone else used. I never personally said you were a "Christian psycho". I don't agree with calling anyone names like that.
Your list, though, seemed to be more about attacking wrong relationships than defending right ones. And not simply attacking the relationships, but attacking the people in them. Would you condone murdering homosexuals if the people who did it said that they were just giving them what they deserved?

I did not say that "all" of your arguments were stereotypes. I didn't see why things like "you are not gay for liking soft music" needed to be in your post at all; they didn't have anything to do with the morality of it all. "Be a real man", whatever that means, can't just be genetic, because of course, if you're a man you're a man, if you're a woman you're not, so telling someone to be a real man won't make their genes change. Whatever "be a real man" means (I really have never figured it out), it can't just be genetic. And your ideas about women being logical and men being creative, and that all men find it hard to understand women, certainly sounded stereotypical to me.
The same Man who said that also died for the scribes, pharisees, and homosexuals.

You still have not said exactly how "all men find it hard to understand women" is not stereotypical.
Jesus Himself said "Woe unto you scribes pharisees, hypocrites."

I believe we sinful humans are ill-equipped to make such proclamations without doing serious harm to God's work of revealing Himself to sinners.

See Trench99's and 4 Him's comments above about choosing your role for God. Do you really think He needs us to attack others for Him?

God bless
No one should be treated like dirt, nishaun.

Please see the Forum Posting Guidelines and write accordingly:

Blessings and prayers,
Adventist Online
Reading that, I must apologize to nishaun. I should be more tactful when telling people to be more tactful. And I've been putting words in your mouth and accusing you. Sorry. I can get pretty stirred up in arguments like these. I wasn't very loving in the first place when I basically ridiculed you and your list. I hope you can accept my apology, nishaun.
Hey ... now this is Cool. My hat's off to you Travis.
I said "we are all despicable". If I was arguing with "MJ P", then I would have called her despicable specifically, but I'm not, and I didn't enjoy calling you despicable any more than I enjoyed calling myself despicable.

What about speaking the truth IN LOVE? Isn't that what the Bible says? Paul didn't start off telling cities of pagans what they were doing wrong, he started by telling them about God.

"Men may combat and defy our logic, they may resist our appeals; but a life of disinterested love is an argument they cannot gainsay. A consistent life, characterized by the meekness of Christ, is a power in the world.--The Desire of Ages, pp. 141, 142."
Ya, there won't be any gay people in heaven.

But still, we shouldn't bash them. That doesn't do any good at all.

I'm courteous to gays, but to be chummy friends with them? I can't do it. If you have the stomach for it, more power to you.


But what I also feel sad about when I read these old posts is how those names are not seen regularly on the forum now or at least I don't recognize them.  And I wonder if they have left the church or just this forum.  And yes, I realize we discuss the same topics sometimes but the threads get lost or someone new comes on or it is stated differently.  Just wish we didn't lose people along the way!


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