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To date, after five years of training to be a primary school teacher, I am now a teacher at one of the primary school located in Serian, Sarawak, Malaysia. Thanks to God for His blessings and guidance in those days of my training.

Two weeks from now, the government, through the Ministry of Education Malaysia are going to run the mass convocation at Peninsular Malaysia. The actual date is March 20, 2010 which fall on Sabbath.

I really need your opinion regarding this matter. Should I go to the convocation? Or not?

If I go to the convocation, I will be able to have the opportunity to see my friends which was my former classmates. I will have the pictures of my graduation with my friends. I will have my degree and my transcript. And I will also have the experience of the event.

If I do not go to the convocation, I will be able to worship just as the Lord want me to do in the Sabbath day. To keep the Sabbath holy. I will be able to join the Adventist youth to youth (AY2Y) activity at Batu Kawa Adventist Church. And I will be able to represent my church in the choir.

I did asked my friend (which is a pastor) at Sabah about this matter. He said, "Even if you give me the world, I will not go." I am confused. Is it God's will that I will have to stay and not top go there?

So, my friends in Christ, please give me your opinion about this matter.

Convocation or Sabbath?

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To keep the Sabbath holy ... :)
All of the children of God will be tested and tried... And the finale TEST will be about the SABBATH... What did God told us dear friend about sanctifying His Sabbath???

Always REMEMBER... Whatever you will CHOOSE... Make it sure it will GLORIFY GOD...

If you will GO to the CONVOCATION to attend just to earn for the BETTER of yourself... That will fall you into pit...

If you will GO because YOU have a mission to tell to your classmates about GOD's word and share that about HIS soon COMING... That is another reason which is really the PURPOSE why we KEEP the SABBATH HOLY...

But if I will be on your shoes, I would NOT GO TO CONVOCATION... I will ATTEND CHURCH service, DO participate in the PROGRAMS and EVANGELIZE in different ways and means... With GOD's HELP ofcourse...

GOD bless(,")
Thanks Sue... Thanks for the opinion..
If you have to ask, you already know the answer..."Remember..."
Thank you Sylvia...


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