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Has anyone heard about a new counterfeit sda movement that has started in the US that is recruiting regular members through bible study? I have also heard that they are planning on erecting churches independent of the conference. What's happening?

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maybe the other SDA church will let the homosexuals sit next to them in church!

they need real fellowship from straight christian men.

You do realise that implicit in what you are saying is that the real adventist movement is lacking and that a counterfeit one would be acceptable if they openly accept something that the Lord Himself calls unnatural, right?

I wont say we dont have shortcomings and gray areas to fix but we cannot bend our backs where some things are concerned-that has the potential to spell disaster

apparently u dont know what real christian fellowship is and the healing it brings


no wonder the gays think/knows christians hate them :(


I agree. Why is that MFG?

What is the matter with you?

Kaysi not sure who that comment was for. ManFlower, contrary to what you believe I experience real Christian fellowship every sabbath I enter my home church especially. I am yet to see one person turned out because of sexuality but at the end of the day you wont see us sending the persons in question to take part in the divine hour if his or her 'problem' is known of. Instead, we prefer to render prayer and help. Homosexuals know the stance of the church and that it, like every other sin, has no place in the church. So, the ones I know either try to break the habit/tendency or go their own way-no one sent them away-it was their personal choice. My question now is: Why has it offended you so greatly?

It was for MFG...

I figured just wanted to be sure

Its okay, its always good to be sure...

True so have you heard about any such new movement?

I've seen and heard many movements of ex-SDA and some who carry the name but hate the actual SDA church. I'm not sure which movement you are talking about but please know that I will look into it. The movements that I know of have already started churches and so on...


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