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Has anyone heard about a new counterfeit sda movement that has started in the US that is recruiting regular members through bible study? I have also heard that they are planning on erecting churches independent of the conference. What's happening?

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well its not all my gay friends

its a few that we get to really talk about GOD

i wish there was more

we also need to help to get rid or your darling sin :)


your not walking on water


if you were u were u would be translated  :)


GOD bless u

my priorty is GODS PRIORITY


 and GOD saves us where we are

and we all take baby steps


and calm down  :)


all the things u r saying has nothing to do with what i said

no one here is talking about marching in a gay parade

i was talking about gays being loved and welcomed and aceppted in our church so they would see JESUS and be saved


when you talk abou gays you think of  their sin

when i talk about gays im thinking of them as humans that JESUS died for



when u see someone reaching out to GOD



that doesnt mean they are perfect

who here has been saved and has no sin?


and the message we send to the WORLD is that GOD LOVES HOMOSEXUALS



pretty name Sapphire Green

What of the sect that called themselves Shepherd Rod?



The Shepherd's Rod is thee most dangerous offshoot in the church.



Yeah I know of the Shepherd's Rod as well. There are a few who always stop by our church to 'stir up' a little trouble

forgive me this is becoming  more OFF TOPIC

 im out!


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