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Has anyone heard about a new counterfeit sda movement that has started in the US that is recruiting regular members through bible study? I have also heard that they are planning on erecting churches independent of the conference. What's happening?

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I know of a few past ones too but this one I hear started less than a year ago. Don't know how the teachings vary. All I know is that they have been inculcating some new 'adventist' beliefs and are trying to get enough persons to form a new organization. What got me interested was the fact that they got in touch with some adventists at one of our church universities here and told them that they are coming to Jamaica to start some new churches yet none of the conferences here know anything about it 

Well, we are definitely talking about different movements which is terrible that there are so many. The ones that I am referring to are all more than a year old, and to my understanding have been around for years. This is a sad day that we live in.

Exactly...what has me really puzzled is how none of the conferences knew anything of it until well now i guess. I cant help thinking that there are some very influential ppl affiliated with it

With the movements that I am referring to, the conference(s) did know about them. They, the false SDA churches, were told not to use the name SDA. Which they did stop doing, but only added an extra letter.

GOD bless u all


i just checking the hearts every now n then :)


I love you too sweetie

i talk to gays alot

and dreaming of a day when i can invite them to a SDA CHURCH

and not be ill at ease

and hearing about another SDA church ...


well i can dream


So what will happen if you ask them to now

the gays i know that have a heart for GOD see christians as people who give no respect or dignity to them and look down on them

and there is nothing alluring about that


and i myself see it too first hand for decades

and its getting worse

Doesnt having a heart for God suggest reformation and conversion? Do you honestly believe that a person can be truly converted and still embrace homosexuality? Ok so hypothetically speaking, let us say we openly accept this lifestyle in our churches, what message would be preached on the family life sabbaths that so many heterosexual couples look forward to? There is one much anticipated seminar in particular-Bone of my Bones- that many look forward to. I cant remember a rib being taken from Adam to make a man so I only suppose we would have to change the name and nature of this programme to accommodate our friends 'with a heart for God' . And even moreso, what msg would we be sending to our children and the rest of the world? It has always been said that God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve so please refocus your priority. 

God loves all of us but he hates our sins. And I dont see gays as being less than human either. It's just that just like I might steal, fornicate, lie, murder, envy others and have to get rid of these sins in order to make it into the kingdom it is the same way gays must treat their problem  too. We cant 'pet' these sins just because we may think they cant do better. The church is there not just to preach the gospel but to make us uncomfortable when the lives we live arent in keeping with God's statutes so we can get in line. It is so weird that all your gay friends feel the way you say they do because all the ones I know come when invited-some have even taken strides to get rid of the problem. The point is we all need to help many of them get rid of that darling sin


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