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I am disturbed how long the courtship period should take.This is because i have a lady whom i have courted for now 4years and people are telling me that it is too much and now we cant get married.Help me out how long should the courtship take.

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Till you know for sure that she is the one. This will very with each individual case. If God is speaking to you ... MOVE forward.
Courtship is a friendship between a man and a woman that could have the possibility thereof__ It means there's a chance that the friendship could evolve into a relationship. That both parties are open and receptive to the possibility that it could become something more It is also defined as the act of paying attention to somebody with a view of developing / establishing or winning the affections of a woman for the intention of marriage. The purpose of courtship is to discover if it is God’s will for them to enter marriage. On the other hand, though it is mostly defined as an act before marriage, Courtship, aka ‘wooing” per se should not stop when the man wins the affection of the woman nor does it end up in the wedding ceremony. It’s a process that goes on in the marriage life.

"How long should the courtship take?" Courtship has stages but each stage has no time period or neither equal in length or you may not go through each phase in a straight line but may go through a process like loop-the-loop.

As what 4Him mentioned, this will vary with each individual case. Furthermore, culture may also play a role.
WORDWEB's definition of Courtship: A man's courting of a woman; seeking the affections of a woman (usually with the hope of marriage).
When you enter into courtship, you should have an aim/goal or at least some sense of direction. That should not take 4 years to figure out. If she's not the one, a year (max) would have been sufficient for you to know. 4 years later, what are you still courting? What is your plan, what was your intention from the beginning? As the man (leader) in the relationship, you are the one who drives it. I am also concerned here because during the courtship years, you cannot court other people. If 4 years later you decide she aint the one, haven't you wasted each other's time?
i think it's okay nowadays. because of some reasons people stay at the 'official' courtship stage because of, for example, studies, saving up for the wedding, preparing for settling down etc. for a longer time. so to say - the two are working for one of their goals which is making a family. and if they are spiritually, emotionally, financially etc. ready enough, then may God bless them.
it's good to listen to what people say, but it is not them who should make the decision, - it is you and your lady. if both of you are fine even after 4 years of courtship, then i wish that you'll have a sweet family and be happy.
and i agree - as such, courtship should never end ('till death do us part'). that could be one of the little ways to keep the little flame of love burning and burning.


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