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Daniel 11 Supplement  ”An Exhaustive Ellen G. White Commentary on Daniel & Revelation Vol. 1” p. 376

Dan. 11:11 suggests that in 508 when Clovis gave his strong political support to Papal teachings, he began to elevate the Papacy to that position of wielding political power that became the source of the worldly strength of the king of the north. Daniel and Revelation, by Uriah Smith, pp. 323-330, 267-278, 119-127 presents good historical facts of the manner in which the political power of the Papal-supporting nations subdued those hostile to the Catholic church and elevated her to that power where she was able to persecute the people of God.

 It is to this political power that the prophet points in v. 31: “And arms shall stand on his part”, and again in v. 37: “He shall honor the God of forces”. In Dan. 7:20, 21 is pictured the rise of the Papacy as the little horn, and as soon as it is brought into the limelight that little horn makes “war with the saints”, which it could not do without governmental backing. In v. 24 the same fact is mentioned as soon as the little horn arises - “he shall subdue three kings”. That is, the nations which favored her doctrines subdued the powers that opposed the rise of the Papacy.

Thus as students of Holy Writ know so well, the main feature to be brought to attention is often mentioned at the very first mention of the power brought into prophetic picture. And the first thing mentioned concerning this Papal apostasy in Dan. 7:21, 24; 11:31 is that “arms shall stand on his part” and those opposing her teaching would suffer at the hands of the nations aiding her cause.

Therefore it would be incorrect to assume that Dan. 11:31 refers to a silent infiltration of the Christian temple by teaching false doctrine. In Paul´s reference to this power he deals only with the deceptive aspect of her teachings already commencing in his day. The Papacy had already entered the Christian church, or rather arose within that temple, before she was given the political power to persecute dissenters. Thus the application of 2 Thess. 2: 3, 4 to teach the infiltration of the Papacy in the Christian temple at that time referred to in Dan. 11: 31, 41, 45 is not correct exegesis. Doctrinally the errors of the Papacy have been in the Christian church from the first century and will continue until the end. But the political power required to make war on the saints was given Rome in A.D. 538 and continued with diminishing force until 1798. In Dan. 11:40 the prophecy directs us to the time when the Papacy received its deadly wound, when the Pope was taken a prisoner by the French nation without any demonstration in its behalf by the Catholic nations of Europe which had hitherto given it their strength and power.”

But, the prophecy declares, the deadly wound is to be healed (v. 40, compare Rev. 13:3-18), then the Papacy, with political power once again to enable her to make war upon the saints, immediately proceeds to subdue the atheistic forces of Communism, employing all the resources of the Christian nations – Chariots, horses, ships – in bringing this to pass. With her one great international enemy out of the way, she is then able to “enter also into the glorious land” – that is, employ her political power against the people of God. This she does through the nations giving their sanction to the promulgation of erroneous teachings per medium of State laws. “

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Yep there is a lot of stuff here.

Yeah well since there was no consensus on SDA Theologians and Interpreters on what are King of South and King pf North on Daniel 11 and especially last part of the chapter, don´t you think we should have comprehensive agreement on those? Others say Muslims represent the King of the South after Ottoman Empire and Papacy King of the South... and so forth..

Dr. Norman McNulty has some things to say about Daniel 11

There are others also that speak on Daniel 11.  It is difficult for me to interpret I think it is because some of what is written in Daniel 11 is a historical account relating to God's people and also prophetic account of what will happen in the future especially Daniel 12

It all relates to Christ especially the imposing taxes part in Christ's time which would be a true historical account

In Daniel 11

It gets difficult to interpret towards vss. 44 or 45 onward.  this is where there is communism falling for the furtherance of the gospel and the papacy (king of the North) placing his tents in(or near) the glorious holy mountain.  Which is prophetic symbolism for the Seventh-day Adventist Church Movement.

True  thanks Andrew for your contribution 

Retired head of Biblical Research Institute, Angel Manuel Rodriques answers to the question “What is the message of Daniel 11:40-45?” In his article following: “This is a difficult apocalyptic prophecy. I can provide only one possible way of interpreting it. And in doing so I will make only two suggestions: First, most of the language and imagery used in the passage is similar to the narrative of the exodus from Egypt. Second, “the king of the North” in Daniel behaves in ways that are similar to what, in Revelation, is described as mystical Babylon

Yes the Papacy fits well the apocalypic prophecy of the King of the North in Daniel 11:40-45

I think there should be comprehensive agreement on what is Truth.  If the truth has been revealed in the Adventist Church Movement we should be agreed.  Let every word be established by 2 or 3 witnesses is the principle.  At least 2 witnesses are speaking now in depth on Daniel 11.

I would call them scholars if they don't call themselves scholars.

Yes but Andrew did you notice that this exhaustive EGW commentary says following:"Thus the application of 2 Thess. 2: 3, 4 to teach the infiltration of the Papacy in the Christian temple at that time referred to in Dan. 11: 31, 41, 45 is not correct exegesis."


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