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It seems that most of Daniel 12 (last chapter of the book) is still in the future.  Then the last couple of verses of the whole book refer to the 1290- and 1335-day prophecy which traditional Adventist theology says is in the past.

Yes, I am aware of EGW's statement that there will be no more time prophecies.  But I've read somewhere an explanation of that well-known quote but can't remember how it goes and can't find it.  I know a few people (and in a book by Kenneth Cox) who believe that it begins with the Sunday Law and that those are "days", not "years."

There are some very in-depth studies on which explain how they come to their beliefs.  But I'm not saying that Kenneth Cox got his ideas from that website.

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Greetings Lenora

The only interesting theories of this is a work done by Marion Berry. Sadly her work is not free to download, but some UTube videos exist.

I also see the Sunday Law begins a 3 and half literal time before Jesus comes. It is not a time line prophecy, as EGW says, since the beginning of the end, it not attached to a time. But the sequence of events that begin with Sunday law, are known.

The easiest way to know if Marion Berry study of EGW material in Daniel 12 is correct, is the prediction that when National Sunday Law begins in the USA, it also become global exactly 60 days later. If that happens we can be certain the rest of the Berry theory is also true.

As for now, I would follow Back to Enoch message from EGW, the get out of cities message. We are between the two Sunday laws, the first one came to USA in 1888.  Now is the time to move out of cities.

The biggest danger to our health apart from older issues is the 5G EMF waves hitting the brain with microwaves.

Abraham lives away from cities, Lot chose not to. There is a lesson there, even in his time.


Thank you, I will check out those videos on YouTube as soon as I get a chance.  Just curious, how did you come to the conclusion that there would be 3 1/2 years after the Sunday law?

I came to this conclusion a long time ago, before Marion Berry. I read it in the Daniel prophecies.

When I preached my discovery back in 1990, I was banned from preaching for 2 years by my SDA colleagues, even though I said this is my theory...they saw it as getting off track, apparently some off shoots saw this in that time, (ie Marion Berry, plus others) I didn't know this.

I would suggest you watch all the 12 DVD set on Marion Berry, it came with the Onslaught Series on Walter Veith, a total of 42 DVD if I remember. The details are all there of her theory, and if your cross check her work, it appears valid? At least for now, until the Second Sunday Law comes in the USA.

Maybe one day, I could study it again in great detail, but I do not find it is important right now.

What I find is more important is getting to know Jesus more and more.

So if you want a really important study, with applications not practiced much, try this link

(I always wanted to know what surrender means, faith means, and what EGW is talking about)

The first mention of faith is not translated by any translation except the LXX by coincidence. Yet EGW picks up on this verse, yet no other inspired person does. She is the other person in modern times to understand the correct meaning of faith in English.... "support".

Read through the study, especially the application, and let me know what you think. Not much point knowing stuff on Sunday Law, if you don't know how faith works in Jesus, in a passionate and more mature way. Shalom

I know what you mean about the importance of understanding Daniel 12:11.  I wasn't thinking it was a salvational issue, just interesting to me. 

I have read some in the website you noted.  Not understanding how I can support Jesus, as it stated that by holding His hand, I support Him and He supports me.

Thanks for reading some Lenora, but you gave up too early


The above link shows a modern miracle of manna falling since 1945, and this faith comes from a four year old girl. We need to understand her faith.

The study continues to explain faith in many examples... sorry if things were not easy to follow.



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