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When you date, do you date with the mindset that Christ is coming again? With the mindset of how will your relationship help bring each other and those around you to Christ?

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We encourage courtship not dating...

you can call it whatever you want. most people know it as dating. Don't get caught up in the word but how you do it. The question still remains the same no matter what word you use.

Courtship is not dating,there is a great difference.

Brother again you are getting caught up in minutia. The word DATING is not the point. whether you are dating or courting the question is the same. now for you please replace the word dating with courting if you want to answer. thanks. 

I believe in God and Jesus Christ but I know that does not make me perfect and that I am still capable of sin and God is the only one who can save me from sin as long as I seek God.  I believe God is everything good and helpful in life,  God currently may not directly cast down fire from heaven to consume the sinful things attached to everything on Earth that want to destroy God (good) but a Christian with Gods help through the lessons of Jesus Christ learns to look past sin which only seeks to obscure our path to God.   

 Like everything else, when it comes to dating I believe when you look for God (the Good) and learn to look past and not focus on sin it's hard to go wrong.  When the person you are Dating shares that same mindset it makes it even harder to get tunnel vision and not be drawn towards sin.  God may not be present in a physical form a lot of humans think he needs to be to exist.  But, as a Christian I believe once God has touched something his presence will always remain, sin can never erase God.  Often I'm guilty of forgetting that when things frustrate me and life gets hard but I never find myself happier than when I start looking for God (the good) in whatever situation I'm in.  

Always look for the good in whoever you are dating, if you're not seeing it that does not mean it's not there but sadly because of sin sometimes you have to be the bright light to bring them out of darkness (See the story of Hosea and Gomer in the book of Hosea) and focusing on bashing sin isn't always the way to bring someone to the light.  If you fire an arrow at a moth in darkness you will rarely hit the target, if you let your light shine the moth will come to you.  I thank God who knows my sinful weaknesses for blessing me with someone who helps me stay on the path.  I pray as I continue to learn and grow God helps me to remember to always look for the good in my wife no matter what situation we are in.

We must date with the mission field in mind - This private Adventist matchmaking website is just about doing that..

ohh to meet a potential lifelong partner who loves souls as you do ..amen

i realize in my older years that it doesnt matter if that someone is SDA ..lotta lovely sabbath keepers out there who are not missionary minded for the kingdom. that is where they are in this life.

And of course you meet the Being of your dreams who loves Jesus and others but  loses that heart in the mucks of life and you find  yourself tethered to someone who left the Lord :( 

beachboy puti ..hi are you asking cause you looking for a Mate?

to embrace  a gifted celibacy and seminal retention is a fast track to bloom spiritually quicker than normal :)

something to be said for staying single when Jesus is soon coming 

praise God :) 

just imagine meeting a potantal who lives these things ..even for moments at a time ... will they resonate with you? 


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