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I have met and known of several women (in the church) who have been lied to or deceived into  getting into relationships by our men. We need more honesty from our men. Discuss.

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Hi Redva


Could it be that unless we lay it all against the standard (as by the Spirit of the Lord), modesty to some is subjective, and remains "in the eye of the beholder"?


What therefore is "modest"?  Who sets the standard?


Suppose it is said, that "a woman aught not to wear any tight or form-fitting clothing in the presence of men generally".  Is that statement offensive?


Take Care




Bro Ray

I was reading another response, this is from Scott, who seems also to have misunderstood the statement you wrote, here is it:

I have to agree with Brother Ray, that, from a mans point of view, he is mostly been deceived by women, and vice-versa, women by men.


I am glad you did clear it up by explaining what you meant as I would have been construed by others as Scott and myself understood it.  



That is quite true my friend, which is why our women folk need to listen with their minds and not the heart.

We too often as women, become emotionally attached too early in a relationship without even noticing what direction it is taking.   The first step in a relationship of this kind, is to first develop a bond of friendship then one would not so easily be deceived.  On the point of honesty by our men, what I would say is that we need more christian men and women in our church today.

Happy Sabbath friends.

Thanks Desrene. How can one listen with the mind and not the heart. aren't not they the same (heart and mind).

The emotional attachment is natural for a woman, who is easily stirred emotionally. A bond of frienship might or might nor work. I know a woman neighbour  (her husband went away and married to get his stay) who formed a bond of friendship with a man and eventually married to him. Long after ward she found out that the man had 32 children. Only a converted heart will make a difference my dear.

Some wrote this on Facebook and I like it:

"The greatness of a man is not measured in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively and in truth. “I do not trust people who don't love themselves  and yet tell me, 'I love you.' There is an African saying which is: Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt.”



maybe that works both ways
It can and may work both ways of course. I can only speak from where I stand and what I know. I have met several women in Jamaica whose husbands migrate to find 'better lives in greener pastures' and never return but sent back divorce papers. I know a few men who suffer he same fate too but this affect women even more.(from where i stand)
Oh my! Haha can i say im one of those women? Thanks for this thread Redva. Im sooo glad I came across this! :) I for one need to read the posts from men hoping to find clarity and understandign from their POV.
Hope will will find them and get the answer you are seeking Darell. From your expression, you were deceived, do you want to share your experience?
The Ladies need to be praying for "spiritual discernment" and confirmation from God like Gideon, before leaping into a relationship.
This is so true but even some of the supposed confirmed one are frought with deceptions.

Gideon prayed and asked for a sign that was not logically possible--twice to know that it was indeed the Lord who was speaking to him.  Can we as His Daughters not ask and pray for the same?  YES, WE CAN!  Jesus said that whatever we asked that the Father would be glorified, He would do.  I believe Him!

Sarah, I pray God that we develop and establish the faith in God that we need in everything. We speak about faith but we really don't exercise it. If we let go and let God he will come through or us. He made us that promise and He must keep it because He is God.


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