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Defaming the Victim, Defending the Perpetrator

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Such an article most certainly does nothing to advance the reputation of Spectrum.  Oh, I saw the inuendos there.  I also saw the blapheme there too.  If this is the standard of writing that James Coffin and Spectrum hold to, they certainly fall far short.

Happy Sabbath!

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???????????/  what in the world is this ?? You cant take what happened back then and place it in a modern  scenario  and have the same results . it is close o contempt o f  court,  the  value system today is far different then in these  simplier times of History ..   WHY bring something like this anyway into the forum?/ what value has it or what can be learned except journisim at its worse and truths that are easily seen  now made to appear as   Miisguidedness ??? / why  make excuses for   evil ?  SHAME  ON YOU .I thought better of this place then this  .

Uncle Murray

What we are seeing is a prime example of personal opinion superceding the facts.  The prejudicil idea is that all women who are violated by men are the victims, while anytime a sexual encounter occurs outside of marriage, it is because some man cannot control himself and since he is bigger then his "victim" he can force himself on her.  This idea ignores many facts of life. 

This simplistic belief ignores reality.

One factor that is ignored is this.  As is readily recognized, men are very visual creatures, while women are very tactile.  So, when women parade around in their "undies," this stimulates men, until they become so jaded, or are converted, so that it becomes disgusting to them. 

So, if a man has been stimulated by all of the gratis stimulation that we see all around us, then when they are in a setting where fulfillment of the ideas that have been implanted in their mind as well as their natural desires; is possible, it becomes an overpowering temptation, and they follow through with it.  This is a generalization, and much more could be writted about it, but not here.  Then when the "victim" becomes truely a victim, she is really the victim of all of the women who feel that they can dress any way they want to and be guiltless about it. 

After all, God made men to be attracted to women and women to be attracted to men, just like He made the law of gravity to work.  We cannot defy those laws and not get hurt.  So the idea that all victims are in fact innocent, or that all victims are guilty is as faulty of an idea as that the moon is made of green cheese. 

There are far too many examples of women who use their womenly wiles to entice a man, then when they get what they were asking for all the time, if they find it was not what they wanted, which almost always happens the next morning for both parties, then they claim that they are a victim and the "dirty ole man" made them do it.  And then there are examples where men force themselves on women and they are indeed "dirty ole men."  There are plenty of examples on both sides of the question. 

THe problem comes when the "victim" and the "perpetrator" become so generic that one comes to believe that everyone fits into the category we have placed them in.

Each individual and each situation is unique.  Some, of both genders, are so slick in manimpulating things that they can make themselves look innocent and even convince themselves that they are innocent.  This is because of the statement in the Bible that reads:

    "Every way of a (hu)man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart."  Proverbs 21:2 (ESV) 

So, the problem comes in establishing categories, without taking into consideration the uniquenss of every situation.  When that factor is removed, there will be miscarriages of justice and in some cases, reputations and lived will be destroyed.

Happy Sabbath!
Maranatha :)

This is ridiculous.

And one thing I DO agree with was this line, which Spectrum doesnt care about..

 Nothing_but_the_truth: The way people jump to conclusions really gets to me. When are we going to learn to limit ourselves to the facts? No judging. No speculating. No surmising.


Anyone remember the DINGO???  EVERYONE just KNEW they did it.. As it turns out, they did NOT..

Point being, WERE YOU THERE??


I dont get all the defense OF a guy who might have raped a young woman. But, I also know I WAS NOT THERE... Not ONLY was I not there, I also have NOT ONE SHRED of personal association WITH this, and can therefore put forth no opinion that may help EITHER party..


And neither can YOU and niether can Spectrum.. Also, this is probably a push to stop something the man has said. Like, he probably disagrees with something Sarah and Spectrum believe.. So now there is a witch hunt,  I need to find out what this man has spoken against and for. I think therein lies a clue to the posting of all this about a situation that is still ongoing and unsettled..

The main thing that he spoke against was the ordination of women to the pastoral ministry. Since that is a pet project of Spectrum, it's safe to assume that is why they are so bent to destroying him.

While that is what I believe, please don't let that lead you to believe that I support what he did, I don't.


Yes, the story of the Australian Dingo and the family accused of killing thier child is an excellent example.  A prime case of preconcieved ideas clouding the perceptions of the facts so that they became skewed and in fact wrong. 

Here two lives were destroyed as well as bringing a cloud on the church and the accusations turned out to be totally false.  And all of this when there was evidence that was being ignored that supported the story that was told.  Just how was God honored in that situation?

Your illustration well illustrates the point that I was attempting to make in what I wrote.

You then posted:

 "Also, this is probably a push to stop something the man has said. Like, he probably disagrees with something Sarah and Spectrum believe.. So now there is a witch hunt,  I need to find out what this man has spoken against and for. I think therein lies a clue to the posting of all this about a situation that is still ongoing and unsettled."

It is assumed that your reference is to Samuel Pipim.  While I have not read everything he has written, only his book on the ordination of women, in fact.  Several times this has come out at the real reason he is being discredited.  For some believe that if you can discredit the messenger, you have discredited the message.  Which is not true.

While it is a fact that the life of a messenger of God should be in hamony with what he teaches, not even a prophet is perfect.  Take the story of Abraham.  He had taken his family to Egypt becasue of a famine.  He had agreed with his beautiful wife and half sister, Sarah, that she would tell the people of the land that she was his sister, which was half true, i.e. she was his half sister. 

Well, Pharoah wanted her as his wife and so he took her.  However, God stepped in and helped Pharoah to know that he was in fact about to take a married woman as a wife for himself.  When this came out, he returned her to Abraham and then sent him away. 

Abraham did not learn from that experience.  After he left Egypt, he came to Gerar and he did the same thing again.  This time the Lord appeaed to Abimalech in a dream and warned him that he had been deceived by God's prophet.  Notice what God said:

    "Now then, return the man's wife, for he is a prophet, so that he will pray for you, and you shall live. But if you do not return her, know that you shall surely die, you, and all who are yours." Genesis 20:7 (ESV) 

Even though Abraham was a serial liar, in regards to his relationship with Sarah, God still spoke through him and was not ashamed to call him His prophet.  Today, modern psychologist would call him a "serial liar."  And as such should never be forgiven and should recieve the fullest punishment of the law. 

However, God calls Abraham, His friend.  No wonder that I love Jesus so very much.  His love is trustworthy.

Do any of your friends make mistakes?  Do you stop being their friend becasue they do, even repeatedly?  True, it places a strain on the friendship, but do you deny that they are your friend? 

This is why it is so necessary to allow God to deal with such situations.  God sees, not as man sees.  God looks at the person's heart.  When we drive people away from God because they stumble and fall, even repeatedly, we are claiming that we know that they can never repent.  Which is claiming to know what only God can know.  A perennial problem with some people.  Yet, even with these, there is still hope that they can catch a glimpse of the character of God and allow Him to control this part of their life.  And I have met this kind who champion all kinds of issues.

Being equal with God has been a problem ever since it infected Satan in heaven.  Those who think and act like him now, still have that same problem.  This is why we must keep our eyes on Jesus and not on others.  God is well able to protect His church and His children.  He does not need vigilante justice for that.

Happy Sabbath!

Maranatha :)



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