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hello friends I think we have to speak about one thing.I have listen that people get engaged thruogh internet communication.Is that possible to be ingajed with same one whom u know through internet comminicatin? According to God's word.I am confused pleas tell me friends.

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Do not be yoked with unbelivers and unevenly yoked. Many instances are found in the scriptures. This applies to any for of yoke that may lead to
Thanks Alexander for advicing me.But how ? for example I am in good relation with same one who is Adventist on internet.Do I have to continue on this relation or forget it and start another relation with same one how is with mephysically?
I think it is better to meet in person.
Please check and personal beliefs if not compatible it may be better to forget it , unless willing to change and adapt your beliefs according to Bible teachings fully.

This is a life time union every guard should be put in place.
thankyou Evelyn.I am not in such relationship But I would likt ot know about it and help my friends who are in a relation like this.But I am sure u give them a very good advise.
God bless u .


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