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In this quote even though there were other elders present - Ellen White did the work of the elder by annointing the person with oil.


"Just as the meeting closed, Sister Meade, who had been afflicted with a slow fever, requested us to pray for her. We went into a room by ourselves, Brethren Holt, Wheeler, Stowell, James, and self. After I had anointed her with oil we prayed over her, and she was healed every whit and fell prostrate by the power of God. That night we got into a rowboat and went on the pond about one mile to Brother Meade's. His sister was there with a very sick child. We anointed it with oil and prayed over it, and God heard our prayers."--5MR 239. {PaM 234.1}

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Oh brother. Back to the apologizes thingy.

This used to be a discussion board.

We all have our desires for apologes MsMS. But that doesn't mean we get them. Stick to the issues. And this will be a far better place.

Oh My!!! This is not the direction that i think this site should go. I am really disappointed and If I can feel this way, I can imagine what a stranger/non-christian would think. I am so sorry that this has happened to you MsMS and pray the comfort of the Holy Spirit upon you. God Bless!

God Bless you MsMS.

Here we are talking about the dear Sister Prophet and what do i see lol some Aged persons giving each other lashes lol neither Ellen G White nor Jesus Christ would do such


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