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I often wonder did our Saviour, Christ our Lord  eat and drink wholesome foods

like milk and eggs as part of His diet.  your comments are most welcomed here.

sir james

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Amen Harry. The bible is our only instruction manual for life. Any other book including egw books are mere suggestions. I would never ever live my life according to what a fellow fallible human being suggested. If thats the case I would just join a cult for that.

I hope that you don´t get offended by this but if egw books are "mere suggestions" then you have to believe that whole bible is just "mere suggestions" because both authors were writed by fellow fallible human but were inspired by Gods Holy spirit. I recommend you read 1.Timothy. 3:15-16, 2.peter.1:19-21

Harry is right that bible is our main manual with which we test all the prophecies and prophets, but if they are compatible then they are just as qualified as bible.

Let us also remember that not all the scripture were published at the same time, and even sadducees did that mistake that they believed that just the first five books were written by the inspiration of God.

Those places where egw told that you can sometimes eat meat was only when someone had the illness that he or she couldn´t eat vegan food. Let us remember that even in bible God didnt´t care what food they eat, He just wanted that he´s people live and eat healthy

The light given me was that meat in a healthy condition all at once" CD 413 (1898)

" We felt that something must be done. I said Sara, Take chickens from my place, prepare them some broth.So Sara treated them for their illness, and fed them with this broth. They soon recovered. Now this is the course we pursued . We did not say to the people. You must not eat meat." CD 466 (1907)

"You are to make no prescription that flesh meats shall never be used, but you are to educate the mind, and let the lights shine in." CD 291 (1896)

When Mrs M.M J O'kavanagh, a non adventist inquired EG White about the position of Adventist whether they are total abstainers from flesh foods, Ellen White answered Letter 99, January 8, 1894: " I am happy to assure you that as a denomination we are in the fullest sense total abstainers from the use of spiritous liquorw, wine, beer, (fermented) cider, and also tobacco and all narcotics...All are vegetarians, many abstaining wholly from the use of flesh food, while others use it only the most moderatedegree.

MS 15, 1889 " I advice every Sabbath keeping canvassers to avoid meat eating not because it is regarded as sin to eat meat but because it is not healthful.

Could you tell me what is the whole name of the writing MS 15 because I didn´t find it. I also didn´t find Letter 99.

Just want to look the context.

I recommend that you read the context of those quotations.

In the first quotation Ellen talked about how they should use meat or vegetables with patients

She said that "The light given me was that meat in a healthy condition was not to be cut off ALL AT ONCE, but talks were to be given in the parlor in regard to the use of dead flesh of any kind; that fruits, grains, and vegetables, properly prepared, were all the system required to keep it in health; but that they must first show that we have no need to use meat, where there was an abundance of fruit, as in California, But at the Health Retreat they were not prepared to make abrupt moves, after using meat so abundantly as they had done. It would be necessary for them to use meat very sparingly at first and finally DISCONTINUE it entirely.

In the second quotation there was sick family whose father of that family was alcoholic and they weren't sda, and they tried first to take there some food but they didn't eat because they were accustomed to having meat. After that they made them some chicken broth and afterwards she says that:

"Although we did not use flesh foods ourselves, when we thought it essential for that family in their time of sickness, we gave them what we felt they needed. There are occasions when we must meet the people where they are".

Afterwards they opened the scriptures to them and the father was converted and he quit smoking and drinking.

So even the teaching of that testimony was not that we can eat meat, they just told us how to approach people who are not sda.

Also in the third place if you read the whole context that Ellen meant again how we should approach the people who are accustomed to meat.

 Unfortunately I didn't find the last two quotations nowhere so I could check the context, but I believe that you can.

May God bless you brother!

Its is very important that the before addressing issue, rule on how to interpret Biblical or Spirit of Prophecy must be considered according of what the author mean.

An honest good reader is not interested of what the prophet says but what the prophet means.

Ellen White guidelines both in interpreting the Bible and her writings:

1. Scripture explain by the Scripture and testimonies by the testimonies. 1SM 42-43

2. There was a consideration of time and place. 1SM 57

3.Common sense must be used. 3SM 217

4. Use sanctified reason. 2MCP 438

5. There was a consideration to whom the message is originally addressed. 3SM 285,286; 3T471

6.Interpretation must be guided in a true theology. 1MCP 147

Another principle to be considered in Interpreting Biblical and Spirit of Prophecy are the following:

1.Principle and Policy must be distinguished.

2.Consider the context.

3.Understanding of Ideal, allow, and not allow.

4.Take all that the prophets has said on the subject before drawing the conclusion.

Harri my friend... just find out to the manuscript.

What I won"t say is Br. James is this Jesus was a baby he must a have drink milk. There is a gab of 18 years that we do not know what had take place during that 18 years. And I think that it is not relevant for salvation .

Working on a chicken coup.  All natural, chickens with all natural eggs.

Do people eat the artificial ones?  lol 


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