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And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?

The disciples obviously asked this question because they had subscribed to the popular belief that a man's unfortunate circumstances at birth was due to his pre-existing sinful life, i.e in his pre-existing life he was bad and so when he died his spirit migrated to another bodily form. The bodily form thus inherited would have non-functioning body parts. If the disciples had these false beliefs even while in the presence of Jesus, what does this mean for us? Could we have false beliefs intermingled with the truth.Thanks be to God, that the Holy Spirit did not leave the disciples in a state of theological confusion but after Jesus returned to heaven the disciples came together to study and to pray; and the Holy Spirit taught them so much so that on the day of Pentecost the pure gospel came forth, pricked the hearts of men and women, and thousands were converted!

As Adventists we must come together to study and to pray more so that we may have the full potency of the true gospel, thousands again will be converted and Jesus will come. We all need to be involved in ministry; we must study, teach, preach and pray; all of which are for our own benefit that we in the process may be saved. Not that we are saved by works but we are saved by God's Spirit manifesting his good works in us.

Hope to see you all in the Kingdom! Have a blessed day

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the disciples did  not believe in pre existing life and wasnt eluding to that with JESUS.

they asked cause their understanding was that if you are born deformed or with blemish you cant take part of the temple.

established in the books of Moses

right from their bible.


So a whole theology was based in their mindset and culture about people who have physical limitations.

 God looked down on them

it was divine punishment [look what happened to Gehazi,Elisha's assistant to Gods prophet]


so its a curse from an angry GOD and was it caused the blind man sinned {masturabtion? or whatever] or his parents

[syphilis in the birth canal blinded the infants eyes while passing thru]


Thats why they asked.


The hebrews didnt believe in life before birth.


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