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How are Adventist different from every other Christians?
Does that mean Adventist have an automatic pass to heaven?

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No one has an automatic pass to heaven. 

SDA's differs from other Christians in that we have the Investigative Judgement the only doctrine unique to the Adventist Church. Most other Christian churches keep Sunday while Adventists keep Sabbath.    

There's One big big big one you didn't mention. It is the gift of prophecy. Which highlights a lot of new light in the bible when it can.

Without it in our days I would be doomed.

And I see the Truths in the bible almost perfectly always.

And also any really new light revealed to man will come from the Oracles of the bible in the Adventist Church First.  That's the blessings bro! Elijah!!

Yes Thanks, Bro Andrew you are quite correct God bless and Happy Sabbath.


Here is one viewpoint on how others see Adventist...

"1. Christians refer to all people who believe in Christ as the Savior, while SDA is a Christian church.
2. Most Christians observe Sunday as the Sabbath, while SDA observe Saturday.
3. Other Christians believe that sinners will suffer in hell, but SDA believe that sinners will be destroyed permanently.
4. Most Christian denominations believe in an immortal soul, while SDA do not.


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