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Men preachers are far more than the number of women  preachers. What are the advantages of men to women preachers?

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The One thing woman preachers should not do is ,  try and  imitate the men preachers , woman are generally  sensitive, compose , and can have an emotional appeal to her hearers.  

I believe they can have and  make a real impact if they maintain their Femininity when delivering a sermon. and not be  loud and forceful , as generally would depict some or many of popular male  preachers within a particular culture .,

I saw a woman preacher using  body language and loud voice like a man ,and pacing around.  The female body parts were bouncing with her every move, this can be distracting . On the other hand I am not sure if theirs is a calling, I am still trying to find acceptance in my mind whether woman are called to be preachers, not because of them not be  able  of understanding and preaching the Word  ,  it will be more on a practical level , they go through more emotional tides , the effects their hormones may have on their moods , and then  the Controversial issues that exist  as women  preachers etc , etc .  

I have heard some powerful and deep messages presented by woman preachers and up to today I still recall some of the points brought out , but it does require a greater effort to include that emotional feminine touch , lol

  So to conclude not much differences in terms of the ability to understand and preach the Word , but in terms of the deliverance of the message , composure , body languages and dress ( especially for woman ) woman has to take extra care as it relates to her female body parts , that they do not cause distraction . I believ most woman are very much concious of that aspect , but in the heat of the sermon may not have contro, l which was what I experienced , Men also have their issues , but it may not be as  visual as women ? I dare not say anymore .


Thank you for the discussion, hope not to have cause any offense to my beloved sister/ preachers  , and we as God ordained it serve him in what ever capacity He places us

None - it is the Holy Spirit that does the work. =)

Expand a bit more Eddy ,

You said None , referering to what , no offence ?  ok , no diffrences between men and women ? I agree totally that the Holy Spirit it is that does the work , what about the distinct roles God gave to the Levitical Priesst , and those who looked after the Tabernacle , Do you see any distinctions in the  designated Rols and Individual work through the Spirit . I guess your answer will be none ?

Hey Joseph,


None taken, my dear brother.


The person ministering could be a man, woman, or as we have read about in the days of reformation, little children. When we start to draw attention to our attributes, God is made secondary.


I also want to highlight the difference between preachers and pastors - the latter, I believe is only a man's ministry.

Hey  Ed,

Sound like are coming to understand the mind of God , ( well I am will be careful here ) ,His  mind as to  what He has be  revealed to us .

ok , you said : "when we start to draw attention to our attributes God is made secondary , wise words , . I guess you are stating this from the point that you made  earlier that it is the Holy Spirit that does the work ?not our skills or talents ? that is another topic , how we allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through us .

I started out  on the premise that the sister was referring to Pastors even though she used the word preaching  which I may be wrong , there is a huge diffrence as to ministering  and  a Pastoral rol. In terms of ministering , I agree there is no difference , but I think the sister was more referring to Pastoral rol otherwise why would the question be posed ? preaching does not necessary has to be in a Pulpit on Sabbath , our lives are Living Epistles , so yes we are ministers of the Gospel , but I might be wrong , but I got the feeling  our sister was more looking  at a full time preacher ? I dont think GC  agreed to ordain woman Pastor as yet . If it is solely to do with Preaching / ministering , then there are'nt ,  if any  differeneces. 

The classic example  used is Sis White , being a woman , she preached many times , but never took the rol,  or was  ordained as a pastor . Ok , again I will like you to expand why you think the pastoral rol is for men , for the record sake ,

Thank you my brother ,

Joe ,

Hey my brother,


Maybe I was wrong - she may have meant pastors.


The pastoral role is one that God himself established - He never used women. While women are equal to men, we have distinctly different roles.


I choose to follow God's pattern.

" I choose to follow God's  way" , amen to that Ed!

@ Avi, 

hi sis! thanks for taking part in the discussion. 

 i guess that question is for bro. Eddie Lee.

God bless!


I have no idea why the body, as a whole, is doing what it is doing, but I find nowhere in scripture where God placed a woman to lead the flock - it just didn't happen.


I know some want an exhaustive exegesis on this, but it is very simple - if in doubt, use God's example.

the question of Hazel is the advantage of men over woman, for me, men are more bolder, spontaneous, dynamic and brave to face every physical challenges... there are areas like hills mountains that preachers need to pass through, but when it comes to the message i do believe men and women have the sources like the bible and holy spirit...

Not everyone can be a preacher, if i'm not mistaken it's a gift...

you think so bro. Ferds ? (that men are more bolder, spontaneous,dynamic and brave than women)

eeehhhhmmmm.... i beg to disagree, LOL.


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