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This is the first discussion in the new SS Lesson category. We will use the online materials for our study as well as the audio/video from Doug Batchelor at the Sacramento Central SDA Church.

This week's lesson is found here:

To watch Doug Batchelor's Sabbath School class at Sacramento Central Church, go here:

Just make sure you come back here and discuss it. :-) I look forward to learning more about discipleship through the discussions here. God bless!

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Well, we had a wonderful discussion on this particular lesson. Each one should know what's the difference between a disciple and a comment later...",
Thanks for this, I'm in.

This is very good, it will help us understand Sabbath School Lessons better and also share various experiences in our Christian Lives. I am defiantely in...
This is great. I am with this.
Count me in.
This is a great idea! Thanks! The Sabbath School Lesson link isn't working.
Cool! Thanks ;)
I do that too! But this gets me out of my lazy rut and into the Word. I'll post the link to the Central Study Hour in the original post.
God bless!
hello, i am really glad that this idea came about. this will surely be a boost for us as God's children to spend more time in our lesson study. this will enable us to share our own ideas from the lesson and also we can learn from others so that we can discuss at church on sabbath in our own classroom.

thanks for that great idea!!!!!!
This is a wonderful ideal. I will be apart of it.

No, I don't think so!!!

While I heartly endorse Central Study Hour, which is what you will hear at the Amazing Facts website, I must also tell you that you are going to miss much of what the SS Lesson has for you. There is no pastor, or Bible teacher, on earth that can cover the entire weekly SS Lesson in less than one hour. Nor should anyone expect them to do so. Why you ask? Because the purpose of a Sabbath School Lesson is to learn the given topic for yourself. The time spent listening to a SS Lesson presentation is exactly like sitting in a classroom listening to a professor's presentation. There will be many things brought out and expanded upon that are not listed in the printed text.To uinderstand the topic you must study the assigned material for yourself. It is also vital to your spiritual health to study God's Word, the Bible every day. You can't be fed God's Word from an eclastical or theological spoon by someone else.

"Study to show thyself approved."

Respectfully, your brother in Christ,


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