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This is the first discussion in the new SS Lesson category. We will use the online materials for our study as well as the audio/video from Doug Batchelor at the Sacramento Central SDA Church.

This week's lesson is found here:

To watch Doug Batchelor's Sabbath School class at Sacramento Central Church, go here:

Just make sure you come back here and discuss it. :-) I look forward to learning more about discipleship through the discussions here. God bless!

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This is a proven good idea, especially for Sabbath school small group teachers/leaders and members alike. We, in our church, conducts a thorough review of the lessons among us during sabbath early hours of the morning, apart from the daily review of the lessons during daily worships. Everyone has a flow of ideas and the feedings of the Holy Sprit for the complete discernment are elaborately shared. Whatever materials we believe we can use better, we must do. Pls. count me in.
thanks for this important poing that may help us to daily communion with the Lord
Thanks for this keep it up.We'll grow together spiritually.
This is good idea for it will help us to share ideas and learn more about our fundmental belief.
Thanks clark
Whats the difference between a disciple and a follower?
There is no differece becouse a disciple is the one who

1. Imitates his masters example (mt 10.24,luk14.26-27) same to the meaning of the follower.
2. a disciple believers his doctrine, rest on his sacrifice just as the follower does.
If discipleship is cost needs to give up something that i value,how can i relate it to salvation
This is a an excellent. I am sure this will help us to study more. Next time, I will comment on the lesson itself instead of commenting of the idea of having this category.

Some will say that nothing happens before its prescribed time, I would beg to differ on this occasion , this is one programme that should have happened years ago....count me in.
Good idea!
I'm just so happy with this website 'cus studying online is more interesting and faster too and my contribution to this week's lesson is that,is true that we as disciples and followers of christ must suffer here on earth in one way or another 'cus here, is not our home and Romans chap 8.28-29 fortifies our spirit by telling us that if God is for us,who else can be against,if the spirit og God has set us free so, let nothing in this world ever take us from his Love.
Happy sabbath to all, Bye!
Emeline from Cameroon


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