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Disfellowshiped/excommunicated for not believing the trinity doctrine

Increasingly and perhaps because of the current lesson quarterly (Quarter 1, 2017) more and more Adventists are getting to study the trinity doctrine. Previously it had been taken for granted and glossed over because pastors taught it and the fundamental beliefs had it. Additionally, more church members have access to information than before. Unfortunately, rather than leading the church to study even more, disturbing reports are being shared of members being disfellowshiped for not believing the trinity doctrine. This is polite language for excommunication which is what the Roman Catholic Church employed against heretics. Historical records show that the Waldenses were exterminated like vermin for (among others) not believing in the trinity doctrine. By some accounts, the papacy (Bishop of Rome) rose to preeminence using state machinery specifically to protect the church against heresies like Arianism. Today, the Adventist church stands tall with Rome and her daughters in propagating the trinity doctrine. Are you a seventh-day Adventist? You had better believe the trinity doctrine, or ship out. That is how it goes.

Sign the petition if you believe this issue needs to be settled.

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Well, as a counterpoint, those who do not study what they believe and why are by-in-large Catholics.

Right on Heisenberg, they might as well get the prayer beads, Virgin Mary pictures and start genuflecting, many doctrines in Christianity and practices are Catholic and pagan.

Even the Holidays (from holy days) and days of the week are of pagan names and origin.
Ishtar-Easter, instead of Passover.
Christmas-Christ mass,
On and on...

I thought you was keeping those as a Happy Clapper?


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