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 Every Believer to Help.- Let every believer scatter broadcast tracts and leaflets and books containing the message for this time. We need colporteurs, who will go forth and circulate our publications everywhere."  Review and Herald, Nov. 12,1903 (emphasis mine)

   Has anyone on the forum had experiences to share with the distribution of our literature ?

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 Is the video from  Amazing Facts ?

Head elder and I went out and did door to door surveys last Sabbath. It was a bit chill. The Lord gave the elder a Bible study with a man named Tim. We prayed with Tim and he gave us each a big hug. Their first study is today  in 1 hour. I am praying and fasting. I am soliciting prayer.

  For the next several days we will be working a literature booth at a trade show in the city. I solicit the prayers of all those of like mind. We will be handing out by the hundreds if not thousands, some very pointed  material. Divine appointments are being set up right now. This may be the last year we are able to use this very effective method of evangelism as we will certainly be shut down at some point. This city has not been worked for several years  and I am looking forward to not only the work at the booth but the follow up. I am also getting unprecedented assistance in terms of people helping and the churches funded the booth. While that is not rare neither is it common either. 

  :" The canvassing work is more important than many have regarded it. If there is one work more important than another, it is that of getting our publications before the people, thus leading them to search the Scriptures. As much care and wisdom must be used in selecting the workers as in selecting men for the ministry. In all parts of the field, colporteurs and canvassers should be chosen, not from the floating element of society, not from among men and women who are good for nothing else and who have made a success of nothing, but from among those who have good address, tact, keen foresight, and ability."  {MC 15.1} 

     A Thousand in One Day.--God will soon do great things for us if we lie humble and believing at His feet. . . . More than one thousand will soon be converted in one day, most of whom will trace their first convictions to the reading of our publications.--Review and Herald, Nov. 10, 1885.  {CM 151.3} 

 I will begin working the booth in an hour. They say about 35,000 people will pass through the doors. Though this is a very secular setting typically at these events there is great response.  Prayers are welcome.

Hi lehcar ! Great idea . This is what iam doing for the last 2years from my Church . I have 5 messages put into 2 DVDs as a 2pack DVD set-nicely printed profesionaly.This is what I have - 1st one-  Creation (2hrs ) By Dr. Kent Hovind .( Not an Adventist ,but a great creationist with the great capacity to explain very well to the ordinary people to well educated evolutionist or athiest .) 2nd one  CHRIST in Prophesy  1Hr. by Dr.Walter Veith . 3rd one -Time prophesy Dr. Walter Veith .  4th one State of death 1Hr. by late  Pr. Joe Crews  5th one    Sabbath rest 1 Hr. by Pr. Doug Batchelor ..This 2pack DVD and a little book ( Step to Christ or Bible answer )&Bible corresponding  cource from Amazing Facts .put into an attractive dark blue plastic bag printed on it "Good news" . All this with packing printing burning DVDs and books from ABC cost about $1.50 each.. We 2 or 3 Deacons from our chuch go door to door ,on Saturdays ,knock on the doors and distributed them . But since this in the City ,lots and lots of rejection  after this rejection we got a new way -Just hang them on the door knob .looks like it is working .  Contact me if I could be of any help to you or anybody interested in this DVD Ministry ..My email address is  GOD BLESS!!!

I used to do colporting 6 years ago. Had the opportunity to spread literature and a few health encyclopedias. It was a very rewarding experience. I think I want to do that again.

 There is no time like the present. Last night the Lord and I canvassed three families and sold books to three families. In the first home the Encyclopedia of Foods and Natural Remedies was sold. I am sending the  mother a book on prophecy in the mail. In the next home magabooks were sold and in the last home the Bible Stories and Great Controversy illustrated were placed and we had a Bible study on Revelation 13,14, and 17.  The father home the father gave me an extra $66 for gas money on top of his purchase for $534. 

With all the Obama Care concerns is is even easier to sell the health books than before.

Last night I canvassed a family in the city. Father, mother, and their foster care teen are deaf. They have two little boys 1 and 3 years old. It is a bit challenging to canvass those that are deaf because somethings are lost in the communication process. However, we were all patient and between their signing back and forth, their lip reading, and me signing a little and writing some things on paper we got through the canvass with a brief Bible study besides. They are very open and the husband particularly was touched by the verses I shared in Isaiah indicating that there would be animals in heaven living peaceably. They purchased the Bible Stories and Bible Readings. My heart was warmed by their kindness,even that of their teen foster child. I gave them free the nice mylar Great Controversy illustrated. Mother signed my prayer as I finished and I took pictures of them holding up their books. 

   Satan's Big Guns Gunned Down

I canvassed a young mother yesterday (signed up at the Sport's Show) who was very spiritual and searching. She had alot of questions. She and her husband are both RNs.  We talked considerably about last day events and she decided to purchased the Bible Stories and Bible Readings. She is Lutheran and her husband Catholic. They have some disagreements about religion. He was sleeping and she debated about making the purchase without him but did so. She said " he will be upset but he'll get over it. I will just work a couple of extra shifts to pay for the books."  I got the impression that he, like most Catholics, was not into the Bible. I left the Bible Story books sensing that there might be a problem later. I did not have the Bible Readings with me as I was sold out on those books and said I would delver it next week.

   An hour later I got a call from the husband who sounded like he was struggling to control is temper. He said that he found the same books on the internet for a lot less and his wife made the decision without him."  He asked if they could ship the books back and said they would likely purchase the set off the internet. I replied that they could and asked if the books on the internet were of the same quality and if they were new ? He was not sure but said he would discuss it more with his wife and get back to me. I prayed about it considerably as it was pretty much out of my hands. I asked the Lord to work out his will.  

Two hours later I received a call from the mother. She said that they would have to cancel because of her husband. I explained that I forgot to mention to her husband that she had purchased more than just the  and that factored into the price. I also said that if they wanted a lower price set of books I have magabooks. The wife asked if I could explain that to her husband and she handed the phone to him. He seemed to be softening quite a bit as I explained how the Bible Readings would answer their questions and settle any possible disagreements they might have about Biblical subjects. I said I would come back shortly and pick up the Bible Story set and he replied that I could show him the Bible Readings then. He said  almost apologetically , "I suppose you get this kind of thing all the time with the internet." I replied, " not really, but this was the second time in a year."

I was welcomed very warmly by the husband when I entered the garage and noticed the two dead coyotes  and deer horns lying there on the floor. We talked about his coyote hunting briefly as we sat down at the  table. As we were talking about the state of the world I gave a little story as I often do about what Dr. Ben Carson said about the 16 Trillion dollar deficit and that the number was so big that it would take at counting one number per second 507, 000 years to count to that number. This set the tone for a most serious discussion. I discovered that this man does study the Bible and he mentioned that he has tried to study Revelation and has gotten "no where." I asked for their Bible and shared how the symbols are interpreted in Daniel and elsewhere. He said something about an eagle in Ezekiel and he thinks that is the USA and that we have a part to . This fed right into where I wanted to go. I went to Revelation 13:11 and onward. He and his wife were all ears and the study resonated very much with them. He had a lot of questions. I hit all the high points however not identifying the first beast but asking him if he learned something from the Bible that cut across his previous thinking would he accept it. I stated that those who do not receive the Mark of the beast will receive God's mark and this would be in the mind, in the frontal lobe of the brain; it would involve worship and it would involve keeping the commandments.  He said he would accept whatever the Bible says. He purchased the two volume  Bible Readings as well as the Great Controversy magabook and the My Bible Friends magabook for their two preschoolers. He said what I shared made a lot of sense and is similar to what he has thought but never saw it from the Bible.  When I drop off the Bible Readings in my next visit I will leave a set of Revelation Bible Studies and perhaps a Mark of the Beast paperback. The husband thanked me for coming back. His wife said " aren't you glad you got to meet him?" He replied, "yes, keep doing the work you are doing."  He asked how I got stated in this kind of work and what church I belonged to. When I told him and explained that in the end the two m groups will not be Catholics and Protestants or Baptists and Muslims, but those who accept Jesus and follow Him and those who do not, he just nodded his head. He shook my hand and said as if to apologize, " you know I was mad at you when I called earlier." I grinned a big smile and said, " yah, I know." All was very well at the end and I believe much better than if the husband would have accepted his wife's decision and we had never met.

The Lord once again overruled Satan's guns and turned a problem into a blessing. There is little doubt in my mind that even though I "lost the sale" for the Bible Stories, the ultimate good is being worked out as the family not only has the deeper message books in their home but a good impression was left by the visit and study, for the father to benefit from as well. We are told in the Spirit of Prophecy that when the people read the books they will reflect on their experience in the canvass and it will effect their acceptance of the message in the books they read.

Has anyone tried what I call the "Martin Luther method" ? Yes I came up with that on my own lol. He posted the 95 Theses on the door of the church. So why not publish a one-page, front only, flyer with one topic on it and tape it on the wall of public places like elevators, bathrooms, hallways, etc. Put it in books in bookstores, or in furniture that is for sale. Has anyone tried this?


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