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Watch out for them Swedes. They can have a temper. Yes, Tiger's wife came after him with a Golf club no less.
Hey, Gabe - wait a minute! Those Finns...

Opps. My mom took after my step-father with a butcher harm. Yeah, he was in real trouble...
women and steroids dont mix
sorry Gabe I'm "objectifying" women right?
was having a bad day
I'm sorry
Reminds me of Bobbitt.
That's what happens when you cross a Finn with a bi-polar disorder. He was quite careful after that incident....and there were no more (lol).
That's what happens when you take a Finn and combine her with a bi-polar disorder. He was careful from then on, and nothing else happened.

I wouldn't care to have sex with a woman coming after me with a golf club. The point being here is that we just can't know the situations and can not sit in judgment.
What kind of gossip are we getting into. I don't think anyone knows if there was ANY adultry let alone multiple. That is if we are talking about Tiger Woods.
Well ... it all depends upon which source you want to believe. If you trust Gillette so be it. But it all is still gossip.
Jesus himself said you can commit adultry with your eyes without performing the act. Translate it how you want. I think its pretty clear. The Bible doesnt say you have to get a divorce but if you don't want to stay behind and work it out, you have your out if your fed up with the marriage. Jesus doesn't promote divorce, its like meat eating. The bible doesnt promote it but if you have to do it then here are the guidelines. Bible says if you must get a divorce than these are the guidelines.
Almost all mature people above 18 years of age have fornicated or committed adultery with their eyes...

Now back to the point of divorce, the bible allows separation if adultery (the real thing) is involved but from what I gather the church in my country nolonger allows divorce even when adultery is involved!

The church in Uganda says..."Therefore what God has joined together, let no MAN put asunder..." So if your spouse is guilty of adultery the pastors in my lovely pearl of Africa say that you forgive, forgive and forgive 77 times plus until Christ comes and finds you together.

In a way it's good because we are supposed to watch our brethren and win them over to Christ just as He taught regarding discipline in Matthew 18:15-19.

As a matter of fact if you go ahead to disregard the church's stand for forgiveness and you file for divorce in courts of law and divorce is granted, then you go ahead and re-marry the church puts you on discipline!

Praise be to God, Amen



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