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Don't do it unless he or she commits adultry. But what if your being beaten or mentally beaten? Or what if your other is spending like no tomarrow or says they dont believe in the Sabbath anymore? All these questions are very hard to answer. But the Bible only says you can get remarried if your spouse dies or commits adultry. Now Jesus says if you lust after another woman walking down the street you have commited adultry. So if he or she looks at porn or makes comments about people walking down the street is that a good enough reason to divorce your beater or ex adventist or mental abuser, or drug abuser? Its between you and God and nobody else.
Just because the Bible technically allows one to do something does not mean that Jesus WANTS you to do that.

God HATES divorce and does not WANT you to do it period. Just like God allowed people to eat meat at times during earths' history ... does not mean that he wants YOU to.

When God says He hates something ... that's good enough for me. We can make all kinds of technical excuses but not one of them is what we should do.

Marriage is a one time shot. If it doesn't work out ... we are to keep trying to make it work out. Sure ... one may have to separate for any one of many reason. But the door is to always be open for reconciliation. And this means that to marry someone else is wrong. Sure ... in some rare situations ... the Bible might "allow" it. But that does not mean that that is what God wants you to do.

So, do we want to do God's will ... or do we want to do what God winks at and 'allows'?
I dis agree because I was married at one point and I was not in the sda church but I was in the Sunday church but I did still get married to a woman that I thought would do what was right and come to find out she beat on me mentally and physically and then she committed adultery on me three times and told me she did not love me I might have tried to rectify things with her again but the last time I went to her apartment just to see her she said she can't see anybody
it is because she was being treated the same way that she was treating me and she was scared but my hands ere tied and I could not do anything but just file the divorce papers.
WE need not limit God. God can change hearts. The bset thing to do under these circumstances is to seperate and pray. Work hard for your spouse by doing what you can to witness to her and win her over to Jesus.
Of course I never said that. I encourage separation. But not divorce. Yes, God allows us to do many things that He does not wish us to do. But being a Christian ... we should be doing what He wants ... not what he allows. We need to give the power of God a change to produce change in people. Let's not limit God.
I agree with you John, marriage needs both spouse to be pulling the weight.
That is something else, i feel for her, no wife should be treated like this, marriage vows are sacred. This is really crazy, how can u be infront of so many people and God, the most Holy God, take a man's daughter or son, and in the presence of people repeat those vows with all the love and smiles in your eyes and promising to love and be emotionally attached and aroused by only him or her and then do these things, even more than once.
Yes MsMs, true talk. And what hurts even more at times, is the people that does it, these are sometimes persons who knows the word and looks devoted to the ways of God. To have them continue the act, and be with them in the home like nothing is happening, is really condoning it.
Yeah, God gave rights for divorce, and that's adultery. But that is such a troublesome situation.
Yes, for adultry ( because of the hardness of the heart- the reason given in the Bible) is certainly a reason for divorce. Physical and verbal abuse are grounds for separation. But what about in the case where the spouse becomes mentally deranged. Maybe madness ran in the family, but you didn't know until later when the person goes crazy.
drink lots of water
Yes Broken Adventist Ministry i agree with you.
Commits adultery, drugs is a sin.
God knows our burdens.
As for me yes marriages is like this sometimes.
How if your spouse always beat you and broke your hand and blind?

The answer is only with God.


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