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Alot of divorcees are treated like an outcast in the Seventh Day Adventist church. That is so wrong, because sometimes it's not the person fault. If the person committed adultery, then they are free to remarry.
I read a book by Joe Crews that actually stated that if a Christian had divorced and remarried without Bibical grounds, that person should divorce the current spouse and live single, reconcile with the first spouse, or till death parts them.

My pastor said that when sin is repented of, especially when out of the Christian faith, it is forgiven. The second marriage is forgiven and accepted. When children are involved, things especially get dicey - according to Mr. Crews.

Any thoughts?
Your Pastor is wise. Crews is UN-wise.
I am not certain I know what you are saying. Do you mean to say that anyone for any reason can obtain a divorce ... they just can't remarry?
What if the one hitting you and abusing you got remarried?
Could the one getting the abuse then be free to remarry?
Or would they have to remain single?
People get divorced for many reasons and SDA church respects that, as i understand. I´m talking about a second marriage after those divorces
Talking about unfaithfullness, Bible tells in Mathew 5 that Jesus said "You have heard that it was said, 'Do not commit adultery.'But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
Yes. God certainly wants the best for us. Praise God He SO much wants that best for us that He is willing to give it to us even though we don't deserve it. Praise God for His Grace. God knows ... I need it. Daily
u know what>>??? many only read what scripture appears to say only but if u divide the word of truth like taking fractions and finding the lowest denominator you discover then what the bible says fully. In the new tetament is it not written in greek ? Wait hear me out ok before I be judged as a heretic here?
fully examine the entirety of what is stated in its entirety an not just in english translation alone ok? .. FOR in the greek it is more explanatory of what i s meant in its entirety then what we see printed in english .. ADULTERY in the greek includes more than a spouse cheating with another . ,I read this in the junior guide ok by a pastor of our denomination..
Adultery includes BEING abandoned by your mate .. it also includes an not limited to pornography addiction that is not let go of and other forms of sexual addictions....
Forgiveness is a devine attribute we ought to be able to forgive but may times the other is not willing to let go of their sinful nature an want no part of u . this is their sin ,that is also when u are free to remarry if that time ever comes An God too is with u ..
If u think I am lying then ask pastor Doug batchelor for further evedineces AN see also what Divine inspiration reveals in Sis Whites writings without pre- determimg that she does not have the authority t o tell u s what God has revealed ok? Isaisah 28 9 , 10 says we are to search the scriptures backwards and forwards for truths not limiting our understandings
MJ ... It would seem that since this is your belief ... that you should have a knowledge of where it comes from rather than just pointing us to Doug as the source. I am not of your opinion. But that is fine. I don't have to be. It is certainly not the opinion of our church either though. I do not find this in our 28 Fundamentals. I see quite the opposite.

If you were married to me ... you would quickly have the right to divorce me. For I also sin. And I am also not willing to let go of my sinful nature. If I was willing ... I would be without sin. And that is hardly the case. For I sin daily. I daily need the Grace of God.
N HIM ITIS NOT my opinion sir/. it is biblically sound doctrine when u compare the original writings in greek and as I said break it down to the basic fundamentals. . it is persistant sin one that u dont ask forgiveness of that can not be forgiven . .
You deliberately set out to either abandon your mate and leave them with no intentions of coming back or willful sin of other natures that persists . . .
I AM divorced because my x severed our relationship by abanding our marriage and refused to be reasoned with . It was easy to just get up and move out and make up some lie to get the goverment to aid you also .
NO amount of council or reason could change how she thought .. marriage was not her ideal for her it was like pit you be trapped in . ,MANY MEN do this also and abandon their wives and kids. IF u want all u have t odo is break it down reasonably for u often quote Sis White in other responses N HIM why attack me as if i made this up by myself?
I have read instances in her writings refring to divorce have u not also??. SYLVIA thank u here for having a open and reasonable mind .. .. it is not all that hard to reason it out n put a puzzle together when u search it out and put all the pieces we have together
as a whole.
Why is it that many in the Adventist church still hold to ADULTERY AS ONLY being interpeted as having sex with someone other than your mate? Today knowledge is so much more available to diagnose what it means in the original intent . we now know Leprosy was many times repoted as many skin disorders in ancient hebrew it was all included in the title leprosy but when it comes to adulery this is not fully seen or talked about in what it meant originally? /
IS being re-married actually a unpardonable sin and those that enter that pathway are to be disfellowshipped ? IS that not being just like the Pharisees then that kicked people out of the Synagouge because of something they thought in their own mind was grounds ?
"IS being re-married actually a unpardonable sin and those that enter that pathway are to be disfellowshipped "

Yes, under some circumstances ... this is exactly what our church does. Personally ... I don't agree with it and would prefer not keeping a 'membership' so as not to be tempted to do this. But that is another story.

Growing or Expanding the definitions in the Bible is one thing. But it is just an opinion. We each have to come to our own conclusions.


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