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Alot of divorcees are treated like an outcast in the Seventh Day Adventist church. That is so wrong, because sometimes it's not the person fault. If the person committed adultery, then they are free to remarry.
I read a book by Joe Crews that actually stated that if a Christian had divorced and remarried without Bibical grounds, that person should divorce the current spouse and live single, reconcile with the first spouse, or till death parts them.

My pastor said that when sin is repented of, especially when out of the Christian faith, it is forgiven. The second marriage is forgiven and accepted. When children are involved, things especially get dicey - according to Mr. Crews.

Any thoughts?
Your Pastor is wise. Crews is UN-wise.
Bible and church have one same belief: Marriage is for life, BUT if your spouse was unfaithful you have the option to divorce and re-marry. It is a personal issue, some members will think less of one who is divorced, but oh well that is their problem really. I am going through a divorce myself and let me tell you that if you are the one going through this, as long as your spouse was unfaithful you are free to remarry. Now, if the reason for the divorce was something other than adultery then it is my understanding that you may divorce or separate BUT none of you may not re-marry. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
I am not certain I know what you are saying. Do you mean to say that anyone for any reason can obtain a divorce ... they just can't remarry?
basically yes. The church can't force you to stay with your spouse, and if it is an abusive relationship, or if it is just a battleground and you cannot live there anymore you don't have to stay in that marriage. BUT you cannot re marry and get God's Approval, you are getting a divorce from the courts of the land, but to the eyes of God you are still married. God wants us to marry for life, but just like everything we touch we taint :( so the only way out of it is through adultery in the part of the spouse. sorry that last part was supposed to be none of you may remarry!
God will not force us to stay with a partner who hits us, who abuses us or our children, but he will not condone us divorcing and remarrying for reasons other than adultery.
What if the one hitting you and abusing you got remarried?
Could the one getting the abuse then be free to remarry?
Or would they have to remain single?
according to church laws, if the one you divorced from is remarried then you are free to remarry (I believe it is considered adultery), but to the eyes of God I cannot say. I guess that would have to be a conscience issue :(
People get divorced for many reasons and SDA church respects that, as i understand. I´m talking about a second marriage after those divorces
regardless of the church accepting it or not, God gave only one way out :ADULTERY, that is it.
Talking about unfaithfullness, Bible tells in Mathew 5 that Jesus said "You have heard that it was said, 'Do not commit adultery.'But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
Yes. God certainly wants the best for us. Praise God He SO much wants that best for us that He is willing to give it to us even though we don't deserve it. Praise God for His Grace. God knows ... I need it. Daily


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