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I remember years ago when each person or family had a project to raise money for the church. This practice was called "Investment". It gave an opportunity for people to see God bless their efforts. And each Sabbath one member would get up in front and share how God was blessing what they had turned over and dedicated to God.


I miss this. Do any of your churches still have this tradition?

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Yes, I remember us having something like that in the past. I think it still exists, but the church doesn't place much emphasis on it.
However, I do investment sometimes. I just write it in on the thithe envelope or put it into church building fund.
I have not heard of Investment for years either. I would guess there would be no reason that a person could not dedicate something for Investment.
We do, but we don't call it "Investment," as has been done in the past. Volenteers pledge to do a certain project that is for the community, like our community garden plot.
Cool. We should be investing good in the community.

I just believe the entire concept of "investment" is such a blessing all the way around. I especially appreciate when the members share in church what they have done and the spiritual blessings received.


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