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DO Those u meet on the internet actually count as a friend and would you associate with them if they lived close by ?

WHAT MAKES   them someone u want then as a friend?? 

  What makes someone special that u would   enjoy talking  with ??

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I have met people from the net in conjunction with an outdoor recreation.  In my experience friends made in real life have been the ones that I have spent the most time with in the real world.

As I have grown older I have found that those I want to associate with have shared the same hardships and trials or that we share a passion for the Bible.   If you love to talk about God and the Bible pull up a chair and plan on sitting for along time.

Most of the people I've gotten to know on AO I would have as friends in real life. I need more Adventist friends so that's why I joined AO. Very few Adventists where I live. Some of the people on AO would be really fascinating to listen to.

I understand.  True fellowship is needed.  It can be lonely with out friends.

indeed AO is my only Adventist friends at places do get does the city...

too many people face do in their I-Pads, never talk much anymore...

I miss Ian from Queensland...where is he these days I wonder ?

And I miss Pastor Ray


Happy Sabbath

Yes, In some cases I have found friends and family and keep in contact through things like Face Book, but for the most part it is not such a good thing.   When I was a little boy my Uncles and their families would get together to work cattle or other farm projects. Neighbors would come over to visit and play board games or we would help each other with chores when someone was sick.   I miss these things and those times.  They are gone forever.   I think these things are also a sign of the end times.  

 "By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35.

My thought is that we really need to be friends with SDA brothers and sister and other believers and uplift them and sometimes just be there and listen.  Commiserating and fellowship has great value. 

I Miss my friend. Ray also .I was thinking when I wrote this that today in thw World we in why is it those in the Churches close by seemingly so bz they have no time to be a friend that shows they care?
Is this Imaginary on my part??

Don't know Uncle, but people like Ray was good many of us here come and go, or get sick and tired of secular stuff....we are supposed ot be pressing together in Jesus love and learning the Science of Salvation...

Happy Sabbath


 OK WE Should be able to fellowship ntalk about the Good news we find in Gods word an be able to be a friend and pray for the needs of each other too but is it not  more than just that also?  ,  Yes are very  breath is from God  n He is to be an important topic in our lives but do not friends share in other ways too ?

 is everything tht comes freom our mouth supposed to be  soley on God alone? Creation is soo beautiful and so is Gods amazing  grace n Love for us as His  people . WE have also a life to live here on this Planet n we also need interaction about how to do necasary everyday things too  yes or no?/ .  Is it  not in Love that we speak encouraging things and and  also in our actions be one their to assist others with simple things ,,   


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