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Do we know any other method of evangelization than the familiar ones?

The Spirit of Prophecy encourages us to develop succesfull methods of evangalism to reach all groups of society. Are there any other methods of evangelization besides crusades, bible studies, small groups, handing out tracts, selling religious literature, inviting someone to church or prison ministries?

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It's been some time since I've seen the glow in those of yours. How have you been my dear.
When Jesus said, in jn14;12 that we shall do greater works than He Himself did, He covered the wide spectrum of methods that we shall employ in the 'proclamation of the gospel.
We live in an age teeming with technology and in a demographic substantially constituted of youth.
These cannot be confined to the in-the-box thinking that we were raised on.
They've got animation, the internet and all it's varied modalities to run with this everlasting gospel.
We live in yesterday while they live in tomorrow. Already the traditional methods are giving way to innovations that are sometimes baffling to the baby-boomer generation. we cannot stop the train since the momentum is already well developed
A judicious mix of the certainty of the old with the novelty of the oft untested prove to be the recipe for success in global evangelism
Feeding and clothing the poor.

Providing homes for the homeless.

Healing the broken hearted.
Yes sister. Living evangelism.
Matthew 25:31-46
Thank u all for your contributions. I agree with you all. I am convinced that it is our duty to reach all classes of society: The rich and famous, politicians, drug addicts and prostitutes, disadvantaged groups, secular people, youth(the E-genaration) and so on. All those different groups challenge our traditional methods of evangalism. We should not abolish them, but use them in modern ways. Livingg out what we believe is ofcourse the first step
I know that I am a little late adding to this discussion, but did not see it before I guess.

I am seeing several attempts to use the internet to reach people with the good news of Jesus and His soon return. I have even attempted to use it myself: http://www.BibleTimelines.ORG

Bible Timelines Online has SDA based truths, but does not attempt to push the SDA church. In fact, the words adventist, Adventists, or Seventh-day Adventist are not used. (There are many people who will not listen to an Adventist even though what is being said is Bible truth.)

I know that there are lots of SDA sites out there. Some of them, like this one, attempts to assist the SDA in their walk with the Lord. Others try to reach the "unreached". is one such site. is another.

I think it would help to get to know others from their cultural outlook. At least I know it is very true of ppl from my ethnic group. Very, VERY true.

What about Martin Luther's method? He posted the 95 Theses on the door of the church for all to see. So, I had an idea to make a one-page, front only, flyer with the Sabbath & Mark of the Beast message on it and carry a stack of them with me with some scotch tape and tape them on the wall in public places. No one has ever mentioned this method.


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