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Is it just me, or are the recent events being played out across the world slightly overwhelming?

I am in awe of all that has already taken place, or IS taking place, events that are HUGE in the world of prophecy!!

Advindicate has two great articles about whether or not the church is splitting into, for want of better words, liberal and conservative parties.They quite plainly show that, we are. In light of the time I have spent on Adventist Online, time that I am more grateful for than I can express, the lines are VERY clear indeed.

These two articles give dead on accurate lists of the ideas held forth by each side and those ideas are shown here every day. I am grateful for this site because it has allowed me to see my denomination from ALL points of view! It's awesome, really. 

But, my point about the articles was that they show just one thing that is happening in greater and greater strength that is a prophetic fulfillment of kinda staggering proportion.Apostasies ABOUND WITHIN.

Then you have this Francis character, wowing the crowds and acting like Christ as far as is seen. Humilty? The guy oozes it. Agenda? Hello! And how! Wow. 

I would like to point out the NBA scandal in America here. SO many things just WRONG about this. STARTING with the fact that the man was MARRIED and was out , in public, ON TV, WITH his mistress, and no one batted an eye, or even MENTIONED it!  It was a PRIVATE conversation PLUS they have known for YEARS that the guy was a racist pig and should have taken action before now. My point about this is that they waited until the PUBLIC outcry swelled that they moved, BASED on PRIVATE conversation.

On the news, at the next game, EVERYONE was screaming and holding signs saying, WE ARE ONE!! And so they are. A person cannot have thier own counter opinions without at least a slight fear of reprisal. I believe this will grow and spread. Although, there is VERY little ground left to cover..

Disasters at EVERY turn. Monumental in scope, each one. 

The beginning of sorrows? Are there still some who want to put it way off in the future? Or some who would say, don't say that too loudly for you may upset someone, about our DISTINCT beliefs?? 

Oh, there are. And the lines are being more and more well defined.

Anyone else have any personal thoughts on the current state of affairs of the world and it's relation to prophecy?

My thoughts are that probation is closing, the winds are strife are about to be let completely loose, and it IS only the beginning of sorrows.

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You express your thoughts very well, and I think you are probably "right on."

im so excited about these times!

i feel it to my bones this is the time

we need to be open to GODS direction

to trust and obey HIM even in the littlest of things
when the HOLY SPIRIT pours the latter rain

the direction will not be so much of if we are doing everything perfectly
but in the direction of our Love toward HIM will expand and we will look at all people with GOD's Love!

non condemnation and  toward practicing flaming gays  just to name one group

(insert your own group u have a heart for if u like)

we will come rejoicing

bringing in the  gay sheaves!

... and the lady was was interviewed by DR. Phil and she says no sexual contact in the 3 years in their inappropriate close working relationship-

 some  old men loves to have pretty young ladies hang around

and give lavish gifts to them

#be  wise as serpents and harmless as doves

Praise GOD!

Do you know that the latter rain is poured only on those who have preferred their character and look just like christ? 

At one point during the Reformation, a number of things were threatening,

"All the time this theological battle was going on [between Luther and Zwingli], a terrible visitant was approaching Marburg. The PLAGUE, in the form of the sweating sickness, had broken out in Germany, and was traversing that country, leaving on its track the dead in thousands. It had now reached the city where the conference was being held...

A terrible tempest was [also] brewing on the south of the Alps, where [King] Charles and [Pope] Clement were nightly closeted in consultation over the extermination of Protestantism.

The red flag of the MOSLEM was again displayed on the Danube, soon, it might be, to wave its bloody folds on the banks of the Elbe.

In Germany thousands of swords were ready to leap from their scabbards to assail the Gospel in the persons of its adherents.

All round the horizon the storm seemed to be thickening; but the saddest portent of all... was the division that parted into two camps the great Reformed brotherhood".

(History of Protestantism, Wylie, Vol.1 Bk.9 p.562)

Let's not lose sight of relativity. Today is still quiet, I suggest, relative to what has taken place in the past. And still, the most dangerous thing we face is division.

Soldiers before battle check their equipment and themselves, they help one another fortify, mend and prepare.  Should we not also do this.  Ephesians 6:11

Yes, you are right Bart. Thank you. There is no time when we should put off the armor. And yes, just as you say, we should help one another fortify, mend, and prepare. Get ready, get ready, get ready.


I saw that we should not put off the coming of the Lord. Said the angel: "Prepare, prepare, for what is coming upon the earth..."  (Maranatha p.97) 

And "be assured that God gives no one authority to say that Christ delays His coming five years, ten years, or twenty years. “Be ye therefore ready also: for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not...” (Christ Triumphant p.343)

I don't feel it's as quiet as all that right now, really. I do understand that it does SEEM quiet, relatively speaking, but I think underneath, behind the scenes, things are roiling. And really, with Francis loudly calling Luther's protest over, loudly calling for global wealth redistribution, having the leaders o of the middle east meet for prayer at the Vatican and them accepting, meeting with world leaders and calling shots that are the province of government, it's not nearly as quiet as it may still seem to some.
But, division is a serious cancer.
I'm glad to be back, Bart! :-)

"Is it just me, or are the recent events being played out across the world slightly overwhelming?"  Amen.  

Yes. While some are concerned with the trappings of how the SDA church is perceived by the world and being inclusive at the cost of Biblical standards time is ticking and we are wasting time.  

I am happy to see you are back :)

Concerning the rise of antichrist and Sunday law, the bible verses state this

Hab 2:2 And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.
 3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.
 4 Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith...

The end of time will come, it will not delay, but will speak of the end times....but the just shall live by their faith....

Indeed solemn times are ahead....



Your hart-felt words are felt by most on this site, I hope.   Are you ready for the final test?  "Study to show thyself approved."  What is the final test?

The final test is the Sunday law. Ellen white says this clearly,  she also says that the final test is the image of the beast. But if we put two and two together, we see that it is because what the image of the beast does, it creates the Sunday law. 

She also says that those who pass all tests will be perfected in character. Finally free from sin. The Sunday law being the last test,  this who pass it will sin no more. Then they will receive the seal of God and the latter rain and become members of the 14000. Looking and speaking just like christ,  they will bring many into the truth and even have to die to convict and convert others. Not all well die. But they can die, we don't become immortal until we become changed at Christ's coming. 

So,  we are to be sinless to make it into the time of trouble able to stand,  and how shall this great work be done? 

We must remove all traces of 'self'. Only then can christ work in us and through us without hindrances. 


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