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What is the truth about Christmas? Should we celebrate it or not? Please share your ideas with Biblical verses or a quote from the Spirit of Prophecy. Thank you & God bless!

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Brother Sunli, Sabbath is not Jewish. It belongs to God, it was there before Jews, sacrificial ceremonies where fulfilled when christ came, But Christimas was introduced by Pagan Romans, we have other ceremonies like Lord's Supper that where instructed by Christ, My Brother lets not sanctify Paganism

I see no point in celebrating Christmas, except you wanna be a part of a crowd, doing the same thing as eveyrone. There is no christian origin in that, we all know its pagan. So should i celebrate it just because everyone does?

Dont say that you do that to worship Jesus's birth. There is no place in the Bible that says we should celebrate his birth and certainly not the exact date. And if you want to remember it..fine..but why do that on 25th with a tree and the presents? Just because everyone does it?  try to be honest with yourself and God and give up all the things like a tree or giving presents. Its all just a tradition. Nowdays Christmas is not about Jesus's birth anyway, its about shopping, stress - commercial holidays. I saw a video against Christmas and it had this verse about idols in it: JEREMIAH 10: 3-4: FOR THE CUSTOM OF THE PEOPLE ARE FALSE, THEY CUT A TREE OUT OF A FOREST AND A CRAFTSMAN SHAPES IT WITH HIS AXE. THEY DECK IT WITH SILVER AND GOLD, THEY FASTEN IT WITH HAMMER AND NAILS, SO THAT IT CANNOT MOVE......

I do not understan your statemen, are for or against?

One thing the Bible is silence when it come the celebrayed birthday.

Is that mean that we cannot celebrated are birthday?

We has take a posion because the Bible do not say noting, automicaly it is sin.

If Chrismas is pagan wich it is, then the doctrine of the trinity is also pagan.

Veronica is the trinity a pagan doctrine, like christmas.


hi Mr. Schorea

 How is the trinity doctrine a pagan doctrine ?

Hi Jason

The origenal doctrine of trinity started with Romen Church. Contensian is the one who interduse the doctrine of trinity.


Oh ok so you are saying that the term 'trinity' is pagan but the belief of a trinity is not ?

Trinitarianism (one deity/three persons) contrasts with non-Trinitarian positions which include Binitarianism (one deity/two persons), Unitarianism (one deity/one person), the Oneness or Modalism belief, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' view that the Godhead is a council of three deities, perfectly united in purpose and will, but nevertheless separate and distinct individuals.[11]

What do you believe, are you like the Mormons who believe in Three different Gods which, by the way, is unbiblical ?

Agan Jason

I'm just won't to prove a point.


If Christmas is pagan, then the doctrine of the trinity also most by paganism.

Again if you go back in history, you will see which church has start preach the doctrine of trinity.

In 600 AD Conntestain is the one who has give the order.!


And that is why I say that the trinity is a pagan docrtine.


Christmas and the doctrine of the trinity was interduse by the Romen Church in the 600 AD.


Check it in your history books.


Do you has get the piont?



So you are saying that you do not believe in the doctrine of the trinity and that it's pagan, right?  Therefore do you believe in the trinity ? 

And think of a few things that are pagan, e.g names of stuff (people, etc..)  My name (Jason) is pagan lol 

Once again, can one find the doctrine of the trinity from the bible ? 

the trinity doctrine z proved in the bible so where z it written tht w celebrate christmas

Which church has intruduse Christmas and which church has with the trinity.

Before answer go and take a look in your history books.

Let me answer it for you Pagan Roman Church!

The oginal fron paganism


please check these links:

I hope you find what is the key issue in our lives, Christ's love and only saviour!!!


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