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Atlantis was found  inAntarctica in 2002

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There are many finds that may be Atlantis

Well, you have to consider the volume of water after the flood.  It buried 3/4's of the Earth.  Also, sinful Islands of the past have been destroyed.  Consider Tyre.

Only a guess but what is referred to by heathens as Atlantis is probably antediluvian pre-flood earth.


Hey brother Raymond, that's a interesting guess, I'm wondering if what they found goes back that far, because the link said they found bronze anchors, I'm assuming anchors for a boat, if so, then was there boats and sailing going on in the pre flood era? I don't know.. We know of one boat that was built pre-flood Earth. What do you think?


yes they found technology still functioning after 4000 yrs in caverns be neath the city. they found 40 giants in suspended animation aboard 2 spaceships. they woke one up. yes they had a spaceship on the moon too and the astronauts found it in the late 70s.


Lol.. That's sounds like a L. Ron Hubbard production...


well its a sign of the end times

because the neplim are coming back

Did u know that special forces killed a real giant in 2003 in Afghanistan?

it was flown back to america on a C-141. As it was in the Days of Noah....

they are even now cloning Dinosours

Be careful what you believe, some of that is late night radio productions.  Tall tales with a grain of truth thrown in.  These tall tales discredit those who seek or find the truth.  The truth is far more disturbing.  Such as people developing cancer from normal food.  The LGBT lobby for children to choose their sexual orientation (sick). Public schools that transform children into hate filled slaves of the state.  So called science that mixes human and animal DNA and calls it medicine.  

These things are happening and are undeniable truth that can be found in the open with a single google search. We don't need a fantastical story of a giant being found in some remote province of the Afghanistan.

As a side note I live not far from a Native American mound and burial sight.   Almost all the Native Americans speak of and have legends of Noah's flood and many in North America also speak of being enslaved by giants.  At this mound sight which is on private property the government has made it impossible for anyone to dig or even touch the ground.   Is it conspiracy?  If not it leads to it because it would seem something is being hidden that might lead people to believe in creation and the flood. 

These Legends by Native Americans who have diverse languages (and only an oral history) and traditions all give testimony to Bible Truth. 

Like the Bible their oral traditions are cast off as myth with out looking deeper into what the meaning is of what they are saying about their origins.   

To another point the Islands are being shaken even now, and some have been destroyed just this year.

Very true, the Bible say quite a few things about shaking and earthquakes.

My point exactly.  Everything is coming to pass quickly.  After the 3rd Blood Moon, we have had the Islands shaken, and some utterly destroyed, massive Earth Quakes in strange places.  Hurricanes and flooding that hasn't been seen the likes of in 100 years.  Kingdom is against kingdom (race wars instigated by the Obama Administration have come to harvest.)  Now, we have had wars, and now rumors of wars.  I have noticed the shaking in the Church too.  WOPE made it seem like the Church would collapse, but it did not.  The Sabbath has become the forefront in many people's dialogue, and interest.  Some Churches are dying because they are following a false spirit, others have been purged of their evil players and have become healthy again.  The dividing is happening, where others are dropping out to follow a false Spirit, others are coming in to follow the True One.  Now, all we need is the new Abomination that Causes Desolation and the Later Rain, and it will be time for those that have wisdom to flee away from Spiritual Egypt to the Mountains as the Jewish people of Old did. 

Though, I wonder how many are preparing even physically for the necessities of food, water, and shelter in the Feast of Booths that Ellen White predicted would come to pass.  Even she did not venture out without provision or armed protection.  I know many will say Mana, and that is true.  But, there is a certain amount of presumption to simply leave with the clothes on your back.  Abraham did not do that when called.  Mrs. White compares our time needing the faith of Abraham, and not remain, nor go to Sodom as Lott and His family did.  And don't we see Sodom all about us, declaring that every sexual perversion that is an Abomination be adored in our society.


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