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Extracts from a letter written to a physician from Stanmore, Sydney, N. S. W., July 26, 1896 The perfection of Christian character is attainable. As we approach the close of this earth's history, we will find that the whole world is becoming a lazar house of disease. The transgression of the law of God is bringing the sure result.

I present the word of Lord God of Israel. Because of transgression, the curse of God has come upon the earth itself, upon the cattle and upon all flesh. Human beings are suffering the result of their own course of action in departing from the commandments of God. The beasts also suffer from under the curse.

Meat-eating should not come into the prescriptions for any invalids from any physician from among those who understand these things. Disease in cattle is making meat-eating a dangerous matter. The Lord's curse upon the earth, upon man, upon beasts, upon the fish of the sea; and as transgression becomes almost universal, the curse will be permitted to become as broad and as deep as the transgression. Disease is contracted by the use of meat. The diseased flesh of these dead carcasses is sold in the market places, and disease among men is the sure result.
A Change Must Come

The Lord would bring His people into a position where they will not touch or taste the flesh of dead animals. Then let none of these things be prescribed by any physician who has a knowledge of the truth for this time. There is no safety in the eating of the flesh of the dead animals. . . . Those who take God at His word, and obey His commands with their whole heart, will be blessed. He will be their shield and protection. But the Lord will not be trifled with. Distrust, disobedience and alienation from God's will and way will place the sinner in a position where the Lord

Let Meat Entirely Alone

Again I refer to the diet question. We cannot now do as we have ventured to do in the past in regard to meat-eating. It has always been a curse to the human family, but now it is made particularly so in the curse which God has pronounced upon the herds of the field, because of man's transgression and sins. The disease upon animals is becoming more and more common, and our only safety now is in leaving meat entirely alone. The most aggravated diseases are now prevalent, and the very last thing that physicians who are enlightened should do, is to advise patients to eat meat. It is in eating meat so largely in the country that men and women are becoming demoralized, their blood corrupted. and disease planted in their systems.

Because of meat-eating, many die, and they do not understand the cause.
If the truth were known, it would bear the testimony it was the flesh of animals that passed through death. The thought of feeding upon dead flesh is repulsive, but there is something in meat-eating: we partake of diseased, dead flesh, and this sows it seeds of corruption in the human organism. (Signed) Ellen White.

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Amen Sister...................
Here is a link to an article we wrote for Adventist meat eaters. Plus a little video thrown in there.
Rather than trying to promote your web site ... why don't you just share from your heart and memory. I guess I am just asking for a discussion and not web sites or copy and paste articles.
Well the link is for people who are truly looking for answers not for people who like to argue and debate. As we all know the same questions keep being asked over and over again in these forums.
Well isnt the website from his or her heart and memory? To be quite frank I use this website often and I have shared it with many.

If you 4 HIM cannot find anything positive to say in any of the 4000 something forums you have posted replies in than why would call yourself a Seventh Day Adventist? Jesus would call you a hipocrit to your face and He would be right on the nose. Also, why would a "so called" 7th day adventist try to decevive other adventists by downplaying EGW or the original views of the Seventh Day Adventist church? If you want to trick people into following your liberal and distorted views of how todays church should follow suit with sunday churches then join to Catholic church.

No wonder you are " annonymos" because I would be embarrased of the things I post on here if my church members were reading this.

Have a wonderful day and may Godbless you, because you obviously need help.
Read Leviticus 11, so you can see what God gave us to eat and what you are not supposed to eat. May you have understanding as you read the Word of God. Stay blessed!

Good video to watch on this page :-)
Most all of the Bible greats that I know of including Ellen White ... ate meat.

I don't see any problem with it. Veges are just as poluted nowadays. Perhaps this is why Ellen White didn't eat vegetables.
If anybody does a little a research they will indeed find out that there is infact animal and animal by product in almost every consumable item sold in stores. From cleaning supplies to food to even clothing, yes even clothing. Today's standards are much lower and profit driven than ever before. The FDA is a joke, and has 0 interest in the helath of human beings. Look at what our health has come to. Is it genetics like the FDA and government would have you believe? or is it infact the idet that 97% of the human, mostly american population consumes? Convenience is key in todays diet. If its microwaveable or simply something you can open and eat it is more popular than a fruit or vegetable or grain you have to grind. l would like to consider my self pretty healthy, but indeed have my falling outs.

Note that when a cow, pig, sheep chicken turkey fish or horse are slaughtered for meat, that every bit of the animal is used. If you eat jello you are consuming ligaments, tendons and connective tissue that has been boiled and stewed in a pot until a film covers the surface which is then scooped out and used to make gelatin.

Its amazing what google will reveal when somebody actually looks.

Ellen G White was shown through visions from God over 150 years ago that meats would be tainted and milk products wrere no good and sugar is worse that eating meat. Look at the cancers and diabetic numbers on the rise. Heart disease is on the rise and is the leading cause of death in the US alone. It is higher than car accidents, old age, suicide, murder and accidental deaths combined.

My family does not consume meat or animal products of any kind.
My family does consume meat and we seem to be doing just fine. We follow the example of our prophet. We eat meat lightly ... and on holidays like Christmas .
which profit would that be? Because I thought you didnt beleive in EGW being a profit. Do you ever have anything positive to say?

BTW you may look and feel fine from the outside, but your arteries have animal fat building up.
You must have me confused with someone else. I certainly do believe that Ellen White is our prophet. And since she ate meat in a moderate fashion and ate meat at Christmas celebrations and told us to have Christmas trees ... I believe in following our prophet.

What about you? Do you want to follow our prophet's example?

For instance ... do you follow our prophet's example in regards to jewelry? I do.


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