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I thought I'd post this topic, because I don't think it's talked about often and we could all use some encouragement.  How does God answer when you pray?  At times, it seems God really talks back when I pray. Not with his voice speaking out of the sky, but with the voice of my own conscience through the  Holy Spirit. Other times I don't seem to sense anything and God seems very far , like he is not there at all, but I know from scripture that he is listening. Then at times a message of comfort seems to resonate when reading the word.

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The sheep know his voice says Matthew I posted a topic like this awhile back

I don't hear his voice but I know he's there. Listening...

These are great posts. I hope more keep posting. It's an interesting topic.  Sometimes I think I hear  him and I wonder is that me  or was that really God. Maybe I doubt it more when I want to do something and I here a "no" or " I'd rather you didn't" . And when I pray sometimes bible passages pop up in my head that seem to comfort me or answer my questions, but like you real soul shaker I know I have a long way to go. I need to pray more and build that connection more so that I have no doubts  and so that his will becomes my own.


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