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Do you know if you are saved, Yes or No, and if Yes how do you know? If no, how do you feel about not knowing if you are saved or not?

This question I have already resolved long ago, but I am curious about the responses here?

This question is not about debate, but informational. Like a poll.

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James, you are still short of a sandwich of a picknick. I told you what Jesus himself said. Do you think Jesus was not truthful? Maybe you tell me what you think is the evidence. 

If you want to compare me with the Pharisees, there are some differences I believe what Jesus said the Pharisees did not. I have seen you yourself rejecting things Jesus said Maybe you do not believe in Jesus either?   

All you can do is call names, with no substance other than you running your mouth (or typing).

James said:

The Pharisees believed they were saved, but Jesus called them as being of their Father the Devil. You have accused me of the same thing

Well, James, I have seen you rejecting things Jesus said so you would be a person lost would you not? The Pharisees believed they were saved because they were of the seed of Abraham. They rejected what Jesus said, you reject what Jesus said. That would make you a better Pharisee than I would it not?  

Greetings to all, 


If persons continue to fight each other how will others learn?


There are no wrong and right questions.


When questions are being ask here online, it is best to answer them politely so readers may learn and their spiritual life may improve.

BESS; thanks, you are sensable and reasonable. I am atttacked and accused for asking questions, being critical of general Christianity and SDA in certain areas that does not agree with scriptural principles stated in the church epistles and as practiced by the first century church.

i have given countless Greek Word meanings and principles, stated testimonies of the working and power of the holy spirit in 9 manifestations, stated history and sound biblical doctrines as practiced in the Book of Acts.

These have been met not with reason and counter points on point, but with hatred, false accusations of mental illness, of being Kundalini spirit-driven as well as being a child of the Devil etc. by certain individuals.

The fact that almost no evidence of the nine manifestations of holy spirit has been seen in SDA churches for over a hundred years (as well as in most Chistian churches) when the scriptures state “But the manifestation of the spirit is given to every man to profit withal.”

I Corinrhians 12:7.

The word gifts in reference to manifestations of the spirit in I Corinthians 12, 13 and 14 were added by the translaters as these words are italicized in King James Version. The truth is that every born again believer has the God given ability to operate all nine manifestations of holy spirit (not capitalized to signify the gift of God and not the Father which should be caitalized).

Every believer receives the same measure of holy spirit, and Christ promised believers would receive power of healing, tongues as a sign and casting out devils etc.

Seems these truths upset the “spirits” of certain individuals. I have stated that the book of Acts has never been duplicated in the history of Christianity, which if honest it must be agreed that is so. But no one except I and a few individuals want to rectify this serious lack and want the holy spirit in full operation in every believer as God intended. The Devil will do everything to prevent deliverance of people by the power of God. It is as if Christianity in majority want the holy spirit never to manifest as in the first century and in the Book of Acts.

Unfounded claims of counterfeit and Kundalini etc. are without standing and are easy to accuse without evidence or genuine discerning of spirits which is God given revelation. Some here even accuse that anyone hesring the still small voice of God is mentally ill, contrary to scripture. All prophets and Jesus would be insane also then?

If i am telling the truth which I am, then are you all prepared to answer at Christ’s return why you rejected the truth and quenched the spirit and did not walk or listen to the holy spirit as required according to scripture? Why did you not heal, prophecy, cast out demons etc. by the love and power of God?

I do not have to be defensive, those quenching the holy spirit are the ones who defend by lashing out with no valid Biblical, spiritual or historic reasoning, but rather act vindictively and in hatred and with much vile animosity.

My statements are not easily swallowed, as change and reconsideration and learning how to walk by the spirit takes faith and determination and desire and effort, something most lack. Most are content to attend the Sabbath weekly and socialize and eat a pot luck meal, and discuss SDA doctrines and some say how bad the other Christians are etc.

Even if EGW was a genuine prophetess, there has been no prophesy in the SDA for over 100 years, and yet the scriptures clearly state there is supposed to be prophesy and other manifestations among believers, even signs, miracles and wonders. Where are they, and why are they not apparent on a regular basis or on any basis?

Go ahead, avoid my valid points and criticism of Christianity in general and SDA specifically and just villify and call me counterfeit and of the Devil. Ignore the Book of Acts and do not listen to the holy spirit until Jesus returns.

You have a continual habit of lying as we have seen time and time again. Here you are claiming to be the most gifted person God ever had on this earth. Braggart and Liar are not gifts of God, but the gift of Satan whom you worship. Rightly Jesus spoke about people like you:

Mat 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

You did not read properly what I stated; that all believers who are born again can operate all nine manifestations of holy spirit, and that no one has more holy spirit than anyone else, because the word gifts was added by the translators. I never said I have anything greater than anyone else. But I do have much more faith than you have, that is certain. As stated in previous post:


The word gifts in reference to manifestations of the spirit in I Corinthians 12, 13 and 14 were added by the translators as these words are italicized in King James Version. The truth is that every born-again believer has the God-given ability to operate all nine manifestations of holy spirit (not capitalized to signify the gift of God and not the Father which should be capitalized).

Every believer receives the same measure of holy spirit, and Christ promised believers would receive power of healing, tongues as a sign and casting out devils etc."

Note: I corrected a few spelling errors etc. but the words are the same words. You did not read, or did not interpret what I wrote. I do not believe I have more gifts than anyone else, but I have the gift of holy spirit, which every believer has.

Matthew 7:22 does not apply in this case nor to all cases as both God and the Devil use supernatural powers. Not all supernatural powers or manifestations are of the Devil. Get that into your head.

How can one that has never manifested holy spirit at all otherwise you would not be arguing with me, who manifests hatred and false accusations and blaspheming the holy spirit judge anything?

Your head is so full of hatred and animosity and cognitive dissonance that you have no objectivity or understanding of the holy spirit. You so wrapped up with SDA this and SDA that, you have forgotten the basic principles of Christianity, and you have absolutely no ability in practice to discern spirits which is receiving revelation of the presence of spirit(s) and whether it be of God or Satan, and whether you may cast them out. If you really are born again of God's spirit, then you have spiritually the ability to operate all nine manifestations including discerning of spirits, and if operated you would learn that I am on God's team and not Lucifer's. But you will continue most likely with your "stinking thinking." Thinking evil of others. 


The major problem is that most Christian leadership does not know how to walk by the spirit and power of the holy spirit in love and therefore cannot or do not teach others how to do the above.

This is a major problem among many others in Christianity. There is a general lack of motivation and desire to walk by the spirit and deliver others and to function as God intended.

OK, so you say Christians has a Problem as you see it. Maybe you can explain how a Super Christian like you say you are can Ignore parts of the Bible as not applying to them? We see you here Lying Bragging not obeying Commandments Given by God written by Himself on tablets of stone. And here you are claiming you are better than anyone else. According to the Bible, those gifts are not from God. The Bible calls them gifts of the Flesh.  

You continue to address me and not the issues I raise. When one cannot argue on the issues, but instead attacks only the messenger, that means that straw-man usage proves the person brings nothing to the table and has nothing of real substance to offer.

You have a serious problem of hatred and false accusations and you refuse to think about the issues I raise which are very valid. You will be held responsible for your decisions and actions and blaspheming the holy spirit without evidence or proof. By the mouth of two witnesses shall a matter be established. Jesus and Paul are my two witnesses as regarding the power and gift of the holy spirit, as well as the whole Book of Acts and the Epistles are my witnesses.

You just have your mouth and hatred and inability to think objectively which are witnesses against you and your false accusations. Others here have told you of your problem of hatred and antagonism and wicked manner.

Frankly, you are a bad witness for Christ and many SDA friends question whether you are really SDA, and they are embarrassed that you represent yourself as an SDA. Furthermore, you do not do justice in representing SDA as compared to the fine good people who I met here online as well as in person when I attended SDA churches over a period of several years. And that is despite doctrinal differences we had. Christ is still at the forefront and spirit is or should be thicker than denominational differences. 

You show very little fruit of the spirit and love of God and all the verses you write about. Better if you shut your mouth and keyboard and go back to square one and re-evaluate basic doctrines of loving your neighbor as yourself, and even being able to love those that you despise.

I had hoped that one day you would see the light of just how bad you come across. Your not doing anything as a witness for Christ despite anything you may think to the contrary. You are becoming like the enemy you supposedly are against. Will God have to do something very drastic in your life in order for you to get the message and become humble? You say I am egotistical and think I am so great. NO, God is so great.

You act more like a hateful unbeliever than one saved by the blood of the lamb. You have forgotten the first principles of operating the love of God. I have tried to explain to you many times with scriptures, Greek words, principles and even testimonies, all declared by you to be "Satanic."

All you can see is Satanic. You do not and cannot recognize Christ in the individual apparently?

Neither can you see the profit of people, houses and property saved in the 2015 Vallery fire here in Lake County, California by God's miraculous workings of wonders here with 600 foot flames retreating, other flames dissolving and the rain that came after many prayed which fell very heavy for 9 hours which enabled the fires to be brought under control.

You call all that Satanic. Well, what if your house and life is in danger, as well as others around you, so let your house and everything in it and others' houses and lives burn up. According to you, that would be better. What kind of Christian are you exactly other than SDA?

You don't seem to have any empathy for others, no feeling for other people's feelings. You have a one track SDA mindless mindset, totally devoid of any compassion that I can see. These are all bad indications that show a heart, character trait and serious coldness and even hatred, that is indicative of serious spiritual issues of the most serious nature.

You are in danger, very much so. God will most likely have to take more drastic steps in your life because you are not listening to me, you are not listening to God, and you are not walking by the spirit, and are in fact acting contrary to the spirit of God. You don't even listen to your fellow SDA brethren that tell you they don't like your attitude and ways of addressing people and refuse to address issues only and attack individuals. You do not have a kind word even for your fellow SDA brethren? 

My criticism of Christianity and SDA lack of walking by the spirit and the power and love of God is a valid criticism, that the book of Acts has not been duplicated in dynamic power and move of God's spirit and Word.

My points are not intended to disparage any individual, but rather to wake people up out of their spiritual sleep and realize these are the end times. If not now, when?

Even if none of you listen, you have been told and then you all are responsible to God for what you have been told and warned about, or encouraged to (exhorted) to a more worthy endeavor. What is it that some of you are upset about, really? My prodding you to examine the lack of holy spirit in operations in almost all the churches (SDA and none SDA) as we see in the Book of Acts, and in the Epistles.

Is that what is so Satanic, that I want the love, power and deliverance of the Book of Acts in evidence in the 21st Century. Is that evil. If you think so, you better re-evaluate yourself and do a check up from the neck up.


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