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Is it wrong for a man to marry a lady who is two years older than him?

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  Can you just walk away if you just find out she is older than you..? okay for me, I cannot!

Actually the point here is that God is the only one who chooses partners like he did for Adam in Eden.. if only you allow Him.

If who GOD chooses for you is older than  you, what do you have to see.. I think we should pray for GOD's guidance in such matters!.. but I think it's not wrong.

I do not think that age matters.  Sharing the same faith and loving the same God do. 

Seek God's will. 

God's word doesn't state age as being a reason for or against marriage. Sometimes marrying someone more mature balances out our lives. What you DO need to do is PRAY, seek HIS face, TALK to your pastor...

and if a lady is 2 yrs older than a man?? mmmm she doesnt really look that OLD though..ehehe...I don't see anything wrong with it.

i am 25, and I would prefer someone older because they're more mature and usually more secure in life...


God bless=))



What about 55 years old man marrie a 16 old girld teenager?



Br Williams


Are you grazy! But if you are 50 or 65, 70 indeed no problem.


Sis. Monica has put it good "Age is just a number within reasons."



Hi Williams


In your case yes you can marrie a 60 year old, but not a 16 year old teen aged.



Why I have make that comun is that right now I'm talking with a Shepherd's Rod guy, and it whose over that. Bucause the author of that have marrie a 16 years ol teenager. And for them it is normal.










Since women tend to live longer than men, if both are in their 20's or 30's, it would probably be a good idea for the woman to be older. 


Maranatha :)

How about 6years older than the man,  Is it still preferable?

Hi Gabriel


That mean if the girld is 16 and the man is 55 years old, doesn't matter?




Hi Gabriel


As a Chtistian father you will led you dother of 16 married a old man of 55 year old?


For me that is against all moral!




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