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Is it wrong for a man to marry a lady who is two years older than him?

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I fail to see how that is the carnal mind. Ellen White never said that marrying someone with an age difference is sin or that it is wrong. What she said was that in most cases and may result. What she said was not absolute. Looking at it in absolutes is wrong and is twisting her words.

Hi Gabriel


Again I do not have a problem when someone of 40 marrie someone of 50,55,60,70. My problem is this when 40,50 55, 60 year old marrie a 16 ten age!


Okay I will called sexual immorality.  Again it is aganst my principal. I do not says the Bible principal. If my daughter come to me and tell me that she gona go marrie a man 35 years older then her, I will say NO!! I cannot live with it.





Hi Wycliffe


It is not lawfull and especially if you are a christian you cannot married a teen age girld or boy, when the other persons are over age! That is against the moral law. As christian we cannot do those practise!


We most not let our carnal mind take over.



I'm not seeing the issue here. A two year period seems rather unimportant to me.



This discussion of the age difference between two people who want to marry has attracted comments from many who obviously have no idea of the differences that age brings. 


Oh, yes, as a male who is past my "three score years and ten" and am now living in the "by reason of strength" time. it might be a real ego boost for a beautiful young 21 year old to want to marry me.  However, having been married to a 21 year old, I know for a fact that they would want a life style that I would not be able to maintain.  After all, "late" now is 9:00 pm, while real late is 11:00 pm, whiile when I was 21, "late" meant 1:00 am, or later, G.  I would be absolutly no good for that late of an hour, while for a 21 year old, they would take it in stride.


Also, there are many other things that we oldsters have had to adapt to, that would place a very unfair burden on a young person.  Health issues, teeth that come out at dark, hearing aids, thinning hair, snoring, Oxygen on at night, special diets, and the list goes on.  No, I do not have all of those, but many in my age group do.  Just how fair would it be to expect a sweet young thing to put up with all of that?  It will come soon enough at best.


A friend of mine's wife passes away when he was in his 40's if I recall.  He had a daughter from that marriage that was about 21 or 22.  When he remarried, he married a girl about 20 years old.  This placed her in a situation where she was younger than her daughter.  I remember the problems that it placed on that family.  Now, he is retired and she is still working.  I have also seen other similar situations and I have seen one or two which survived, but they did not have the happiness that I have observed both in my own marriage and in others, where the age difference is within a 10 year range. 


Life moves on and there is no way we can return to our youth by marrying a much younger person.  If time has taught us anything, it should have taught us that. 

We are born,

we are young,

we are suppose to grow up

we serve our time as an adult,

then we move into old age. 


No, age is not just a number, it represents a segment of life.  Oh, yes, there are still some 70 year olds who still try to act like teenagers.  But, beleive me, it will only last for a short time, their days are a much lower number than the teenagers is.  Then when the inevitable happens, a young person has the job of adjusting to their age group again.


Another friend of mine, in his 50's married a girl in her twenties.  The marriage lasted for something like 15 years or so.  But she finally got tired, as a late thirties, living with a mid seveties man and she left him and married a childhood sweetheart.  He was left alone in his retirement years.  She was not ready to retire, so she changed horses in mid stream. 


The stories can be added on at length.  But the point is, Marriage is not just for life, it is for living.  It is designed to be between equals, not for one to be the plaything or a status symbol for the other. 


What is interesting is that not one post that I have read is in regards to a 70 year old woman marrying a 16 year old man.  How come? 


Happy Sabbath!


Maranatha :)




Ray, all that happened because thise people did not center their life around Christ. The same thing happens in 50% of all marriages in this world, regardless of the age.



That may be true, but why stack the deck against oneself?  That does not seem to be too wise. 


Many people commit suicide too, what kind of an argument is that anyhow?  Just because bad things happen in over 50% of all marriages is no justification to walk into a situation that will increase the odds of a breakup on of a home.  If two people are going to marry, they should maximize the odds towards a long good marriage, not just marry to gratify one party.  A great age difference in the marriage partners is virtually a receipe for unhappiness, especially for the younger of the two.  Christians should apply principle, not infactuation when they establish a home.


Maranatha :)

And I agree with you that self gratification is wrong. I am not saying that anyone should base their marriage on infatuation. Also with Jesus truly in their lives no amount of deck staking can destroy their marriage. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
You reply as a man of wisdom
Two years is minimal because thats close nothing to worry about, however, up to maybe 5 years older could be could be considered OK but above that spells trouble in later years worse when it comes to sexual expressions I have seen it , heard of it and its not so nice listening to people complain and watching how they react to each other so age makes a difference but again it depends.


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