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Is it wrong for a man to marry a lady who is two years older than him?

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Everything matters.  It's important that you allow only someone who fits all the categories that will make both of you stronger in the Lord for being together, than you were in the Lord separately.  Otherwise, what point would the connection have? 


But beyond right or wrong, there are some things to consider.  Does this woman's age cause a problem in your service to the Lord?  Probably not, we all have a service to the Lord.  It will though, if you bring it up in a derogatory way later.  It's wrong for you to "just dismiss" something that's going to be important to you, and "marry her anyway" having not really accepted and loved this person totally just as God made her (two years older than you.)  There's such a thing as chronological age, and there's such a thing as rate of aging.  This woman may have aged at a rate slower than you have, you may have matured at a rate faster than hers.  Will those rates of aging and maturation make you compatible in ten years?  You have to prayerfully decide that, in the Lord, not leave it to other people to make up rules for you.  There aren't any Biblical rules I know about concerning age.  But there is a rule that applies.  Be true to your own heart and to your own connection with God, then you'll be truer to her heart, and you'll know you can be a good priest of the family before God.  Do what God leads you to do.  Isn't that why we're told to pray more than we ever have before when considering a proposition as weighty as marriage?

I like most of what is been said  here. Its wise counsel. We have to take into account too if the man is about say ten years older it can cause sexual problem. Esoecially when thewoman is younger one of my friend is 49 and  the man is66 and there is a problem in their sexual relationship and that is on both side. 

In another relationship the woman is53 and the man is 5 and she says she feels lacking with him not being able to do the things she once enjoyed what do you think

65 years old
yes it does
yes it can

Nope. As a matter of fact my grandma and grandpa where close to 10 years in age difference, and where one of the happiest and most loving couples I have ever seen. They were married for 50 years before he passed, and no matter how old grandpa got they were still just as adorable together as ever..


I would even venture to say that the age helped.. Women tend psychologically to mature faster than men in some ways, so him being older made for a good balance. Though I suppose that really all depends on those involved.

Nothing  is wrong ,  !!!!!!!!

Does difference in age matter in marriage?  I'm married to my first love, and he's 11 years older than me.  But he says that his mother was 5 years older than his father, and yet he says that theirs was a very happy childhood.  Here are several features which make married love tick together in harmony:

      -- Common faith and church affiliation.

      -- Health situation of both partners.

      -- Educational status and background.  (It is best that their scholastic background be close to one another's.

      -- Common goals and aims for life.

     --  The realization that in their search for each other, they can feel the guiding hand of providence.

All these, put together, are factors which make a marriage tick.  

My husband is 11 years younger than I am.  (Second marriage so I was in my late 30s when we married)  What makes the big difference is how old you are when you get married.  A 30 year old marrying a 20 year old will have more adjustments than a 60 year old marrying a 50 year old.  Also it is hard on kids if the new spouse is too close in age to them.  They want a parent relationship not a sibling.


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