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Does all of  Ellen White's  writings are reliable sources:?

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If you do not trust EGW writings you should not be an SDA  as the SDA church is founded on the Bible and on her prophecies and writings 

Greetings Elijah, 

Thank you for you comment made, it is not that I do not trust the writings of Ellen G. White but that I need to be clear on some of the things that she made mention of for example: “Let not any of our ministers set an evil example in the eating of flesh-meat.” Whereby in Leviticus 11 (in the bible) it outlines the rules about meat eating. 

Some things I really do not understand 

Thanks for your reply BESS, as for the example you gave I can only say this. The New Testament in the writings of Paul makes it clear you can eat everything as long as you do it to the Glory of the Lord. I must say I can not see how you can Glorify the Lord with eating swine flesh, as you know God has cursed the swine in the writings of Moses. And are not our Ministers duty to set an example for the congregation? As you may know, EGW gave us the health message where we are to refrain from eating meat. But the Bible does not forbid this, so it can only be an advice, not a command. 

Happy Sabbath Elijah 

Thanks for your reply 

“The Bible must be our standard for e-v-e-r-y doctrine and practice… We are to receive no one’s opinion without comparing it with the Scriptures. Here [in the Bible] is [the] divine authority which is supreme in matters of faith. It is the word of the living God that is to decide all controversies.”  E. G. White to Brethren who shall assemble in General Conference, Aug. 5, 1888


Thanks for sharing and indeed "The Bible must be our standard for every doctrine and practice".

And that is the book I use as my first choice.  

REPLY TO: If you do not trust EGW writings you should not be an SDA as the SDA church is founded on the Bible and on her prophecies and writings 


There are lots of quotes going around claiming to be from Ellen G White when in fact they are not. Always verify whether the quote is in actuality coming from the pen of inspiration before giving heed to it. 

Greetings Jason M., 

Thank you for your comment and I am indeed aware of those quotes that are going around.

Is still somebody doubtful? Which pastor can baptised anyone that is still doubtful? Sorry if I am too frontal! It only a background culture too frank or even rough! Im.sorry!

Greetings christian,

It is not good to be quick to draw to assumptions especially about a person.

Furthermore, I do not think nothing would be wrong if it is a case whereby a person is doubtful (though I am not) and needs clarification.

In addition, when a person is been baptized he/she will not know EVERYTHING he/she just know as much to be baptize.

Nevertheless, the reason for my question is that I do not understand somethings in her books especially when I match it with the bible.   


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