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The Bible tells us that in the beginning God created the earth in seven days, not a million years. It seems that the more we learn as scientific and archaeological finds come to light, the less people believe in Evolution. Scientist summarizing Darwinism tell us as follows: “Life on earth evolved gradually beginning with one primitive species — perhaps a self-replicating molecule — that lived more than 3.5 billion years ago; it then branched out over time, throwing off many new and diverse species; and the mechanism for most (but not all) of evolutionary change is natural selection.”(Jerry A. Coyne, Why Evolution Is True (New York: Viking, 2009), p. 3.)

Yet there are no not one piece of evidence found of a gradual change from a "self-replicating molecule" to all the different species. There are no evidence of gradualism or that later species should have traits that make them look like the descendants of earlier ones. We don't find a fish changing to land crawler or a lizard changing to bird, in fact there is no evidence whatsoever of the ancestors or fossils that would show the lineage of any species. People are finding out that Evolution is a empty shell of false ideas and arguments, that is being exposed like the story of the King with no clothes.

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Hmm, this is interesting...'new discoveries in human biology in the last few decades have led scientists to radically alter the story of the origins of life,'

We have the Bible who tells us how it was done. For those who are not satisfied with that well maybe they are not believing in God anyway. 

The Book of Genesis is in many respects the most important book in the Bible. It is of the first importance because it answers, not exhaustively, but sufficiently, the fundamental questions of the human mind. Or, to put it in another way. The Book of Genesis is the seed in which the plant of God's Word is enfolded. It is the starting point of God's gradually unfolded plan of the ages. This story is incomprehensible if it was only a myth. It contains the first authoritative information given to humanity concerning these questions of everlasting interest: the Being of God; the origin of the universe; the creation of man; the origin of the soul; the fact of revelation; the introduction of sin; and the promise of salvation.


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