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Does anyone see prophecy fullfilling in the Government today? Between Obama and the Pope?

I see articles of the New World Financial Authority that the pope is declaring needs to be done in order for this crisis to be fixed and businesses to run according Gods standards. These are the popes words. I also read in essence magazine that obama is joining the churches in the united states. this article is called "where church and state meet." Please its getting closer and closer to Matt 24:15-16,33. Is anyone else awake?

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I really don't give it any concern. I am ready for my Lord to come. May he come quickly.
It would be good take notice of it because it has to happen before our Lord will come.
It seems that some of the members of the churches are awake,but what is happening with the leaders, are they awake? Why are we not hearing about these things that are happeing around us from the leaders. I guess at the end of the day we all have to stand individually and make sure that we are grounded in Christ.
God is not a God based on fear. He wants us to come to Him out of Love. No need to be frightened about the end time events. God's promises are sure. We can be assured of salvation. He has promised it. So .... all these things that could happen in the twinkling of an eye ... really should not cause us concern. We need to be ready NOW ... not at some future point because time is short. I really don't need to take notice to the end time events. I need to and am ready NOW. Come Lord Jesus ... Come quickly.
"I really don't need to take notice to the end time events."
Anything Jesus says you and everyone should take notice. Its like saying prophecy should not cause us concern, are all your friends, family, even your church are they ready like you? It may not scare you but think about the people that is not ready, are you worried about them? You need to be concerned so that way you can inform the people that is not ready that the time is here to shape up and surrender to Christ. Matt 24:15-16,21,33, now tell me why are these words that JESUS spoke not your concern.
The people that are not ready now ... need to be ready immediately. For if they were to die tonight ... for them it would be as if the Lord came tonight. They must be ready now ... not at some future point in history because of prophecy.
Unless you are carrying a cross while you cross ...
I don't expect much to happen with Obama in office. I expect that soon enough ... he will be replaced. People are already getting tired of him. So, no I don't see any fullfillment of prophecy here.


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