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Does Ellen White in her writings always agree with what is written in the Bible? Has Ellen Whites writing caused you to look deeper into the word?

There has been a rash of anti Ellen White threads on AO forums.  I have to say that by searching the Bible and comparing her writings I have never found anything that disagrees with the word of God. My relationship has been brought closer to God and my understanding of the Bible has grown.  I cannot say the same for any other writer who has written a book about the Bible.   

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Happy Clapper said:

I have not seen Leon ever profess Catholic dogma. You Elijah continue to judge others unrighteously and contrary to the truth... 

Now Mr Happy Clapper Have you read Leon's posts? If you had you would be able to verify every statement I have made about him. If you get sic you better get of this site. But I guess those who are of the flesh are alike to some extent. I detest wolves in sheeps clothes, both you and Leon are like that. 

I have read a lot of Sister White's writings and have never seen them disagree with the bible in Word or Principle.  I have seen small mistakes, but never theological mistakes and never a down out lie.  It has been a blessing.  I think I would have read the bible anyways without her writings, but they have surely deepened my understandings.

Of the Holy Wonderful Word.

You are quite right Bart I am surprised he has not said anything before this. But as it seems Mr Happy Clapper is taking up the fight for Leon and he does not even know anything about Leon. 


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