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My father asked me this thing, What is the middle name of God, and I respond that many times I read the Bible, I did not find something that shows God has a middle name.

Can somebody help on this matter that my father asked me or any passage from the Bible says that God has a middle name.

Thanks a lot.

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Hello Romnic,

       I'm not sure how important it is that God has a middle name. In the bible, God has many names. Each of those names describes His wonderful atributes.Names like El Shadi, Jehova-Jireh, Jehova-shalom and others describe God as a provider, a giver of peace etc. Many times in the bible God likes to change the names of people to describe attributes He sees in them. See the story of Jacob's name change to Israel and Simon's name change to Peter. Revelation tells us that God will give us a new name that only we will know. God is so wise. He is worthy of our worship.    Your friend, Tim

Thank you so much friend for sharing this gospel to me, God Bless and keep in touch with God.


God's middle name is love.  "God so loved. . . ."



Wait Ray wouldn't that make his middle name  "so"?;)



i have been mulling over this

i saw the thread and a million thoughts cascaded down my back




LOL...MFG...and yes I can't even comprehend it either:) how great his love his for us!!!!

MFG and forum


Could it be that we are all missing the real point?  Just a suggestion, but, consider this.


Assuming, and I know it is not, that "Man Flower Glow" was their real name.  "Flower" would be their middle name, right?  So, if I wanted to address something to them, I would have to use all three names.


However, George Washington, our first president, when talking about him, we never use his middle name.  We all (in the USA)  know who he is. 


However, if I refer to "Paul," most Christians will understand that I am speaking of the apostle Paul.


The same is true with God.  The more important a being is, the few names are needed to identify them.  God is so important that only one name is sufficient to know who we are talking about.


One day I was on the sales floor of a new car dealership in California where I worked.  An elderly couple came in to puchase a car.  When I turned in their credit application after they had picked out a car, they were appologizing for not being able to put down a large downpayment .  They said they had just had some big expenses and their car had been totaled, so they had not been able to plan ahead for this purchase.


Before I could get from the sales office, back to the both where they were sitting, I was called back into the office.  My boss told me that when he called their application in, all he did was give them the name and the lady on the other end of the line told them to sell them the whole dealership.  They owned half of the town of Stockton, CA.  Then I found out that the reason they were "short of cash" was becasue they had just paid cash for a large apartment complex they had built.  They were very important people in the finacial community and all that was needed was their name to get credit approval. 


So, with God, all we need to know as to His identity is those three letters: G O D.  The fact that we do not have a middle or last name is another testamony to his greatness.


Maranatha :)

amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAY!

i was a car salesman btw years and years ago not that far from Stockton CA




Where and when?  I also worked at Green Ford in Lodi too.



i was aT  GEWEKE IN 1988 ISH


before geweke?



I was in that area in the mid sixties, so you were a good 20 plus years later.  I never heard of GEWEKE FORD.



GOD will tell us His New NAME in Heaven \I/


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