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I am not a mute silent God. I speak to my people through the spirit that they have received when they have believed in my Son. I speak through my written Word, and I speak by other believers who exhort, edify and comfort my people. My spirit is to be active in my people, teaching, leading, inspiring, and correcting my people.

Many of you do not listen to my voice, nor do you want to hear, nor have you been encouraged to hear.
Men and women speaking by the spirit of God in truth are to be listened to, considered and tested to make sure it is my spirit that speaks and not presumptuously or in error.

But speak I do. My Word has been spoken through the ages, from Adam and Eve, to Enoch, to Moses and to My Son, and to Paul, and even to those living today. My spirit moves within those that believe and desire to work for the kingdom.

The spirit of God works despite the Devil's deceptions and lies, for he speaks lies. But my Word has stood the test of time and stands as a critic and guidepost to mankind, for his benefit, safety, warning and blessing, and as a last resort to reason, to listen and obey. My Word I speak spoken in love, as I desire nothing but good for my people. I do not give evil or provoke evil, but encourage my people.

My Son shall return in Glory as I have promised and as He has said. Time is of the essence, as the Devil knows his time is short, ad he knows what has been said by the prophets and the redemption of the people draws closer. Keep hope and love in your hearts, love the brethren and believe my words are true and sure. You can rely on me to do what I have said, and you can do what I have said you can do, by the power of the Holy Spirit. I am a God of now, and not just yesterday, but today and every day, now and into eternity. Amen.

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...and he knows what has been said...typo correction.

Were you writing in tongues?

Clearly some do not listen to God as well as others.

James I find God speaks to me via the conscience. AND this is available to us all. As the still quiet voice of Jesus.
Yes..., but Pastor T and Elijah think it's mental illness!


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