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I am not a mute silent God. I speak to my people through the spirit that they have received when they have believed in my Son. I speak through my written Word, and I speak by other believers who exhort, edify and comfort my people. My spirit is to be active in my people, teaching, leading, inspiring, and correcting my people.

Many of you do not listen to my voice, nor do you want to hear, nor have you been encouraged to hear.
Men and women speaking by the spirit of God in truth are to be listened to, considered and tested to make sure it is my spirit that speaks and not presumptuously or in error.

But speak I do. My Word has been spoken through the ages, from Adam and Eve, to Enoch, to Moses and to My Son, and to Paul, and even to those living today. My spirit moves within those that believe and desire to work for the kingdom.

The spirit of God works despite the Devil's deceptions and lies, for he speaks lies. But my Word has stood the test of time and stands as a critic and guidepost to mankind, for his benefit, safety, warning and blessing, and as a last resort to reason, to listen and obey. My Word I speak spoken in love, as I desire nothing but good for my people. I do not give evil or provoke evil, but encourage my people.

My Son shall return in Glory as I have promised and as He has said. Time is of the essence, as the Devil knows his time is short, ad he knows what has been said by the prophets and the redemption of the people draws closer. Keep hope and love in your hearts, love the brethren and believe my words are true and sure. You can rely on me to do what I have said, and you can do what I have said you can do, by the power of the Holy Spirit. I am a God of now, and not just yesterday, but today and every day, now and into eternity. Amen.

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Actually the above is not research based. It is inspired prophesy that flows out as written above as the spirit gives utterance of exhortation, edification and comfort. I write it down as it comes out.

This is done with complete freedom of will, and I do not claim any special office or powers, or prophetic gift ministry. All born again believers have the God given ability to do all nine manifestations of the holy spirit.

This is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

James are you a Sabbath, commandment keeping Christian?  If not how can you have these manifestations in truth.   Grew up in a holy roller Sunday keeping church if I would have stayed in such a church I would have become an agnostic or worse because of all of the hypocrisy and nonsense.  Rolling around between the pews spouting pseudo languages does not make one holy when they crack a beer and roll a joint on Saturday night and show up for Sunday service.  

Obviously you have not read, understood or believed (?) what Paul said about let no man judge you regarding eating, drinking, new moons and Sabbath(s). There is more than one Sabbath. Paul said one man will esteem one day, while another will not, but in essence, they do so unto the Lord.

I worship God every day as much as possible. You judge others regarding Sabbath, or perhaps drinking a beer, which in itself is not a sin, as drunkenness is the sin. You put me in the rolling around in the pews, pseudo languages, rolling a joint...

You have never met me, never seen or heard me, nor witnessed me in person doing anything. I just praised you for being reasonable in the other post you said I was here for a reason etc. Now you do this? 

It is a disgrace that in the history of mankind, very few "believers" have walked tremendously in the spirit and followed God. Thats what is needed more than ever.

You need to stop judging others based on your perceptions which are biased and distorted. If you never speak in tongues, I will not hate you, but I know that I know something of the spirit of God, having seen His mighty power, which has saved my life on many a time. You judge me? Many people in the churches are hardly even in the fight.

The hardest thing to find besides someone walking in the spirit and the power of God is someone walking in the absolute love of God. The antagonism here against the spirit of God in both the Word and in practice is astonishing. The stereotyping and painting me in camps of Kundalini, Charismatic, Pentecostal, all of which I disagree with in more ways than one, and to which I have nothing to do with. Hey, if you don't believe in walking by the spirit in practice and doctrine, then so be it. But don't judge me, I just state what the Word says and what the spirit says.

Keeping the Sabbath, not eating pork and being zealous for the law is not a guarantee of salvation, or of rewards. I don't judge you for keeping the weekly one Sabbath of the several Sabbaths under the law, for that is your conscience before God, which Paul talked a lot about. I remind you that Acts chapter 15 determined exactly what the Gentiles were to be held to and no more. It was recited and written down. Galatians covers the bondage of the law, and no one is justified by the law, Paul said that also. I follow Paul who followed Christ. You may follow whom you like.

The scriptures encourage believers to desire and manifest spiritual matters and things, meaning the manifestations of the holy spirit. If you have a problem with that, then take that up with the creator. If what you "experienced" was counterfeit spiritually, I cannot judge, I was not there to discern spirits as to whether it was good, evil or a mixture? You have not seen me, so stop judging me according to your bias, and not the Word. No one on this site I assume has spent almost 44 years researching this subject and learning about it practically by walking by the spirit and seeing many miraculous things that I know were God's doing. You were not there either.

Get off my back in the name of Jesus Christ. Some people here are really wise, others are sickening in their religious trappings and attitudes, and frankly, it makes me sick. The spirits of bondage that abound here in some who judge here in this law pecking order; do you wear jewelry, are you SDA, are you this, are you that.

The Word of God says to love God, love your neighbor as yourself. Love is believing God for healing, for edifying the church, by prayer, in manifesting God's power in love.

Love is following Jesus Christ and Paul etc. as examples, and love is sometimes telling someone to stop looking at others and judging and look to yourself.

If you are not having signs, miracles and wonders of the genuine kind that Jesus said would follow those that believe, then you are not believing. Paul said by inspiration/revelation; "But the manifestation of the spirit is given to every man to profit withal." That requires desire, belief, cooperation with God, listening to God, obeying God. If you don't want to do that, but attack others that do, whom you have never witnessed in person, then you have a hypocritical problem. I seek the Lord, why don't you?

If my prophecy here above or elsewhere is evil, off the Word, you explain exactly how chapter and verse, point by point, and not just your opinion, which is biased.

Frankly, I have met some stoners that were more kind than some here, not judgmental or speaking or inferring evil. I did not agree with their smoking, but other than that they were nice, some even believers in Christ. What is worse, judging and hating and ostracizing other believers and not smoking a joint once in a while, or being kind and smoking a joint once in a while? That is not to condone marijuana smoking which I do not partake in.

Tell, who here on this site does not have some sin, including me? None. Even I don't believe that manifesting holy spirit even makes you righteous, nor does keeping the law.

But rather it is by grace through Jesus Christ and what he accomplished, that is what makes one righteous. The self-righteous comparing each other and who is wearing or not wearing jewelry, or attending which day of service, it all makes me sick, and I think it makes God sick also. Self-righteousness and judging others, by comparison, is sickening and religious excrement. If you need someone to compare to, why not Jesus, he is the standard. Or look at Stephan or Paul, or Peter, or John.

"He who says he has no sin is a liar." Some here are exactly like the Pharisees, exactly to a tee. I am attempting to encourage people to believe and have faith. YOU think that is wrong and evil and put me in the Satanist counterfeit camp, by what authority do you do so?

It is ironic that often the bars have more kind and friendly people than the "churches."

It may turn out that many of the people you or others judge are not saved or going to make it to the kingdom are going to be there, and some religious judgmental and unfriendly and unloving and unkind people are going to be either not there, or are not going to receive the rewards they think they will. God knows the heart, do you?

James I am talking  about what Jesus said if you love me obey Me.  Having  a simple relationship with Jesus, with out James's rules of manisfistatons.

Obedience is to both the spirit and the written Word. How did man receive the Word of God? By three kinds of revelation, by prophesy. How did Elijah, Moses etc. do miracles etc.? By 7 manifestations of holy spirit man did those things in Old Testament.

God added 2 more manifestations of Holy Spirit in New Testament. God did not do that for a whim, or for no purpose unless you think God is a fool?

The ridicule, accusation of evil spirits, making fun of the two manifestations of Holy Spirit of speaking in tongues and its interpretation is foolish blasphemy without evidence and discerning of spirits. 

NOT all manifestations of the supernatural are of Lucifer. I am not responsible nor is God for Kundalini spirits, the Toronto experience etc.

Many people are stiff-necked self works oriented and have no desire for, understanding or experience in walking by the spirit whatsoever.

God desires to communicate, empower and lead the people of God individually, but you will not have any of it. God will not generally communicate with those that ridicule his spiritual manifestations. Therefore you have no guidance, power, deliverance, healing, discerning of spirits, edification, exhortation or comfort by prophesy and interpretation of tongues, no working of miracles, signs and wonders following, no foretelling either. In conclusion a blind, deaf and dumb Christianity, as hard headed as the Pharisees, and as quick to stone people figuratively. If given a chance, some would even be holding the real stones and put to death people that they thought were not following God in SDA dogma?

I am not making fun of you but I have seen with my own eyes people faking it. It does great harm.  Mature Christians must see the fruit of the Holy Spirit and do not judge by Manifestations.  2Corinthians 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

In Greek the word transformed can be translated to masquerade, disguise, transforms to a figure, change of outward appearance.  

I think it is a very dangerous thing to look for manifestation or judge by them.  It is much better to observe how people act toward the Lord. and their neighbors. 

James said:

God added 2 more manifestations of Holy Spirit in New Testament. God did not do that for a whim, or for no purpose unless you think God is a fool?

Seems like you have no idea why God added the speaking in tongues. We read in the Acts why it was given to help the Apostles to make known the good news to people who did not speak the Aramaic language at the time. Sadly we read in Corinthians how that church had become holy rollers just like you James, they felt the need to prove that they had the Holy Spirit by speaking in tongues. Apostle Paul wanted to slam the brake on this and insisted they needed an interpreter. 

So, in reality, we find that the gift of tongues was given for promoting the Gospel. Not given for Braggarts like you to show in pretence how holy you are. God hates Liars and all manifestations of the flesh.   

Neither of you guys really know what you are talking about regarding all the manifestations of holy spirit, including speaking in tongues and its interpretation. You guys talk and bluster when you know virtually nothing whatsoever, NOW THAT IS FOOLISH AND EGOTISTICAL. AS DIRTY HARRY SAYS, "A MAN GOTTA KNOW HIS LIMITATIONS." YOU GUYS ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED TO YOUR FLESHLY JUDGMENTS AND BIASED ATTITUDES WITH NO EXPERIENCE OR UNDERSTANDING OF THE GENUINE. ALL YOU TALK ABOUT IS THE KUNDALINI SPIRITS.


Most Christians, including pastors, have not utilized discerning of spirits, though very important, in fact all of the 9 are important, and designed to work together in various combinations as needed. This comes from God by revelation, either by asking and it is granted, or God lays it on you unexpectedly. This is not a matter of bragging, but of protecting the body of Christ against Satanic operations and influences. Protecting the sheep, which most "pastors" do not have much of a clue. Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

You guys like most Christians are still in Kindergarten at best when it comes to spiritual matters. Only a few here know what I am talking about; In need of Prayer, and Heisenberg, as far as I know, as well as someone else who shall not be named as requested.


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