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Does the English sub inserted in this video presents the words spoken by the pope?

I am doubting to trust this video. I do not understand Italian. Anyone please who understand the language, please verify the truth, just click the link. Thanks

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It does not matter what the pope says because he speaks out of both sides of his mouth some time back I read an article about the Pope speaking in mocking ways about Sabbath keepers who had not the faith to walk in God's Grace, but needed to seek salvation by keeping Sabbath as a works to gain salvation. Do not worry about anything he says because the Bible has marked him as the Man of Sin and the Abomination of desolation. 


Oooh Thanks, actually, the sub-English shows that he adores the sabbath and telling the world that Saturday is the true Sabbath day advising people who do not keep the Sabbath to read the Bible and understand the truth! I wanted to understand if the words he speaks are correct to the writings.

True I do not understand Italian either but keeping in mind what he said before I tend to believe he is lying. Remember God has already marked out what will happen. and as EGW says

Through centuries of persecution, conflict, and darkness, God has sustained His church. There is no day, no hour of the day, in which our Lord Jesus is not present with his churches. Not one cloud has fallen upon it that He has not prepared for; not one opposing force has risen to counter-work His work, that He has not foreseen. All has taken place as He predicted. He has not left His church forsaken, though sometimes God that hides himself, but He is never a God at a distance. God has given prophetic declarations what would occur, and that which His Spirit inspired the prophets to foretell has been brought about. All His purposes will be fulfilled. His law is linked with His throne, and no power of evil can destroy it. Truth is inspired and guarded by God; and it will triumph over all opposition, and any attempt to counterfeit God's purpose for His church.

I have more faith in what EGW says than the Pope

What about uniting religions? 

Uniting of Religions is foretold and is happening before our eyes. But I believe The Pope will not unite with the SDA ever and as we know he is already known for speaking with forked tongue.


well said, let us wait maybe someone understands Italian will give us more explanation about the words and sub-English. This speech is interesting, requiring the attention of an Italian native speaker.

The subs are fake in the video you put.  This is the true Video:

Thank you very much, the link is helpful, God bless you

Lol, whoever did did is a genius

He might be a genius, but God's people are not the origin of false information.

He knows how gullible people are especially ...


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