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This clip has been made by a Non Adventist source but whoa this has been fulfilled, check it out!

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Well, there you have it.  It was the Supreme Court overruling state law.  Nothing to do with Obama.

And yet he is an advocate for marriage equality.

The marriage ceremony is a civil and can be a religious act.  He is blessing the civil part of it. 

Jason, I've got some breaking news for you.

Dr. Benjamin has been nominated by Donald Trump to lead HUD. He is SDA so not sure if America is going to speak like a dragon sooo...

I had seen this on the news. This does not takeaway anything from the prophecies.

Guess what? You are not God to predict anything what the Bible says. Do yourself a big favor Jason, live one day at a time. Then things will come into play. 

I didn't vote for Trump, but I do not see him as the Antichrist incarnate either.  This is how I see some people:

Interesting that false prophets have music and special effects playing while they speak.  This stuff is hypnotic and dangerous to behold.

Yeah, I did not feel right watching that so called prophecy. It seemed more like a satanic prophecy.   If you  look at what Trump has been doing and is doing, he has surrounded himself  by many false  prophets/teachers. And he certainly is not against the papacy and the religious false teachers he is aligned with have been eager reunite with and work with Rome.

Obama  was basically a conservative that spoke like a liberal. Many of his policies mimicked George W. Bush.

He was definitely a false prophet.
In January, 2006, Clement prophesied about the rapper Eminem and horror fiction writer Stephen King, but the prophecy didn't come true. "This year, I will raise up Eminem to be a voice. Conversion shall come to his house — Eminem. This year I will touch Stephen King, and he will write for the Kingdom of God," he wrote in an article.



immigration and education are roman plans from the pope and his jesuits. most immigrants are catholic. That's not why Trump is against immigration (i dont think). It's about Rule of Law, and the economy. But no doubt if he was working for the pope he would support open borders like the other globalist do. That goes for Pence too.

The charge by CNN is he is a "white nationalist" or racist. 

I don't find this to be the case.

There are many patriots who are nationalist or for America, like they are in many other countries. In the USA there are whites, but also hispanics and black africans who are pro american. So how does this fit in with "white nationalist"? It doesn't. They are calling it "white nationalist" to then claim nationalism is white and racist. a lie.That's all they have to go on. lies.

Trump is for all Americans.

...and before Veith calls Trump a mason... keep in mind Trump has built these towers all over, and none of them have any masonic symbolism in them.


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