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This clip has been made by a Non Adventist source but whoa this has been fulfilled, check it out!

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Yes thanks JohnB I would not like to be seen as dishonest so I have taken it down. 

Iran is the biggest state sponsor of terror.  Many US and coalition soldiers in Iraq were killed by terrorists sponsored by Iran.  A US contractor in Iraq stated on Face Book that if he were to freely walk out of his compound with out protection he would be captured and tortured by the local people why would we want barbarians like this in the US. His statement went viral and he had to leave Iraq where he was working.   Just food for thought

In my opinion, Trump has the makings of a great dictator.  If you don't believe the way he does, then you should be penalized.  If you aren't the right color, you don't really belong in the US.  If your ancestors weren't from Europe, then maybe you shouldn't be here.  As for his rants against Muslims, he doesn't take into account the many that are not violent...or the vetting they had to go through if they aren't native born Americans.  What do I see?  A man who thinks so many are below him, a braggart, someone obsessed with wealth, someone who claims to be the best person drawing the largest crowds ( and putting himself as worthy of glory, not God).  During the prayer Breakfast while other heads are bowed, he and his wife are looking around at the audience, not praying so he isn't a man of God.  Sorry, but when he wants about Muslims, all I end up hearing in my head is his voice with the words Seventh Day Adventist substituted as being the evil group.

Hmmmmmmm it seems that you want Jihadist, ISIS , AL queda, radical Islamic terrorists, Sharia Law in our country, don't you ;)

I doubt that Trump even knows what a 7th Day Adventist is and/or what they generally believe.

Interesting, did you also know that are a lot of people in this world doesn't know who are the "Seventh-Day Adventist" and what they believe? 

Yes, and Trump is one of them.  He barely knows the Bible, much less the content contained therein.

I think you should worry about your personal salvation, not his, understand?

My personal salvation has been taken care of and as a human being, I worry about his salvation as he claims to never had to pray to God or Jesus about any short-comings.  I even have doubts about your pathway.  However, it is your relationship with God and Jesus that will determine your course.  Amen.

No first of all, you are not God to begin with. Secondly, it's your personal salvation between you and God, understand?

Dont worry about my relationship with God, i hope you are understanding my basic English. 

I never claimed to be God.  I understand it is between me and God.  If you are OK with your relationship with God, then fine.  Yes, I understand your basic English.  Would you like that in Spanish?

Are you sure? Ben Carson is on his staff.



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